Membership Emails Re-Imagined

How would you like your members to receive beautiful, informational emails?

Wouldn't you love it if your members could receive an email when they signup, their subscription payments are processed, they upgrade, they cancel, their card is declined, a payment is refunded and/or even when their credit card is going to expire?

How would you also like to receive admin notices when all of these different events take place on your WordPress membership site?

… well, in MemberPress 1.1.0 you will be able to easily send beautiful emails with each of these events.

We are working on MemberPress 1.1.0 (which we think will further set it apart from any other WordPress membership plugins) and it should launch soon but I wanted to start showcasing some of the killer, new features that are coming soon.

MemberPress 1.1.0 will be our biggest release yet and as part of it, we've completely re-factored the way we approach membership system emails and have added several new events that emails can be sent on.

First off, let's talk about the new email features that will available to you with this upcoming release:

  1. Full HTML Emails — you'll be able to customize pretty much everything about the look and feel of your membership site emails.
  2. Edit Emails in WordPress' Rich Text Editor — what good would full html emails be without being able to edit the text of the emails with a full, rich text editor? Well, in 1.1.0 you'll be editing your membership site emails in style.
  3. Send Test Emails — once you get your email looking like you want, you can send as many test emails as you want … so now you can ensure that your emails will look perfect.
  4. Insert Variables Dynamically — you'll be able to select what data variables you want to appear in your emails and insert them wherever you want … dynamically.
  5. Standard HTML Template — we created a simple HTML template that you can now choose to use (so you don't have to do all the heavy lifting) … or choose not to and insert your own full HTML emails.
  6. Configure Custom Admin Email Addresses — you'll be able to have full control over what email addresses will receive your membership admin notices.

Also, here are the new emails that you'll be able to send to your members:

  1. Welcome Email
  2. Payment Receipt
  3. Cancelled Subscription
  4. Upgraded Subscription
  5. Downgraded Subscription
  6. Refunded Transaction
  7. Failed Transaction
  8. Credit Card Expiring

In addition to this, there will be a product-specific welcome message that can be sent when your member makes a purchase.

Finally, here's a list of the notices you'll be able to send to your admin users:

  1. New Signup
  2. New Subscription
  3. Payment Receipt
  4. Cancelled Subscription
  5. Upgraded Subscription
  6. Downgraded Subscription
  7. Refunded Transaction
  8. Failed Transaction
  9. Credit Card Expiring

If you can't wait to use these new emails in your membership site and you've already purchased MemberPress then just log in, download and install our latest edge release.

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