Save Time with Centralized Membership Access Control

One of the features that sets MemberPress apart from other WordPress membership plugins is the ability to centralize all access control on your membership site.

Many other membership plugins tie the access control directly to pages, posts, or other types of content. So, once you get a large amount of content, you can quickly lose track of what's protected and who has access to what.

This decentralized access is a real problem that can directly impact your users' experience. MemberPress handles centralized access in a very different way that makes access control much easier.

Once you create a membership product in MemberPress, you can create rules to:

  1. Only allow users access to posts tagged with a specific tag
  2. Only allow access to a single page
  3. Only allow access to all child pages of a specific page
  4. Or any other subset of content on your entire site

So, unlike some other membership plugins, with MemberPress, you don't have to go in and set access controls for each of your pages or posts (some sites have tens of thousands of these).

With MemberPress, you can set up one or two rules to protect all content or any combination of content on your website.

Once you have your access rules in place, it's very easy to modify them, and you always know right where to find what's protected and what's not.

With many other plugins, you have to search through all your content entries and edit their access control one by one. And with some membership plugins, there's no clear indication on the page or post listings as to what's protected and what's not. You just have to “remember.”

MemberPress' powerful feature set is geared toward real world membership sites. And centralized access rules is only one of the many of those features. Learn more about our powerful feature set today!

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