The Best Email Hosting for Your Online Business

Emails are the communication method of choice for businesses the way texting is the communication method of choice for teens, so it’s essential you select the right email-hosting service for your company. 

Make sure to select a host that allows you to create your own domain. You’ll also want ample online storage capacity and a large-attachment capability. While selecting an email host, you’ll want to consider which hosts are most compatible with MemberPress.

When you are selecting an email host, you can either use a third-party host or your web host. Many people opt for using their web host, but some want more features than are offered by that web host. 

Below are some of the best available.

Third-Party Options

G Suite

Google’s G Suite allows you to create a custom email at your business domain. It’s also really safe. In fact, it’s known for having the highest security on the market. And it’s extremely reliable. There’s never any downtime for scheduled maintenance. Additionally, you can get unlimited storage if you upgrade to a higher plan, and there is little commitment, as you can pay month to month. 

G Suite is a great option if a lot of the work your company does is cloud-based (as it offers specific cloud-based programs for business), but if you prefer to use Microsoft products, you should consider Outlook 365. And G Suite may not be a great option if you primarily send out bulk or transactional emails because it may mark the emails as spam (a pro for security but a con in this situation). If you are sending thousands of these types of emails, you might want to consider going with another host. G Suite is reasonably affordable but less so than other options. The cost is $6 per user.

If you’d like to give G-suite a try, there’s a free fourteen-day trial.

Outlook 365

Outlook also allows you to create a custom email at your business domain, but its basic plan is cheaper and allows for more storage than G-Suite. It’s $4/month per user, you get 50 GB per user. However, you can also upgrade to receive unlimited storage for only $8.50 per month (the G-Suite upgrade is $12). 

You are additionally provided with Microsoft’s product suite, so it’s a great option if you plan to use the more elaborate programs. 

Be aware, however, that you might not want to use Outlook if you have a large business, because it limits your users to three hundred. It also requires a larger commitment because you have to purchase annually (so if your business is new, month-to-month options may be the better way to go). 


While Zoho may be inferior to Outlook 365 and G Suite, it is superb for new businesses that can’t afford the pricier options but who still want some of the same benefits offered by G Suite and Outlook 365. The cost is extremely low—only $1 per user monthly. In fact, it’s free if you have less than five users a month. 

If you’re on a tight budget, Zoho is a great choice. It still offers a unique domain and the calendar options of G Suite and Outlook, and it also has good security. However, with the $1 option, you only get 5 GB per month, and there aren’t a lot of the extra perks offered by Outlook 365 and G Suite. 

Web Host/Email Host Options

Below are two of the most common web hosts that also have great email-host options. 


At only $8 per month, BlueHost is fairly affordable. For that price, you get unlimited users, and with their upgraded plans, you get unlimited storage. BlueHost also allows for large file attachments. 

What’s more, they have a money-back guarantee, so it’s low risk. Users like that it provides a lot of backup, which means protection against loss of valuable files and information. 

Be aware that if you have a large business and are expecting a high amount of traffic, you might want to consider another host because BlueHost is known for being slow.

Also, if you are looking at the benefits of the email host because you are considering BlueHost as a web host (not because you already have BlueHost as a web host), BlueHost may not be the best option for MemberPress. If your site uses too many resources, the shared BlueHost option can result in issues with MemberPress. That’s why “if your site is growing and traffic is picking up, we’d recommend moving off of shared hosting.” With other BlueHost services, be sure to turn off the Varnish caching in order to avoid any issues. 


iPage’s email hosting is already part of its web-hosting package. Though it’s nice because it’s all-inclusive, you may not have the same benefits you get with the other email-host options. However, it’s great if you aren’t running a massive company. You can set up to fifty email accounts with your own domain. And you can send up to five thousand emails a day and attachments of up to 200 MB. 

Though iPage offers less, you could use it to start with and then purchase a third-party platform as your company grows.

The average American sends about one hundred texts per day. How many do you think a teenager sends? 

And how many emails are sent out by a budding entrepreneur? If emails are the texting of the business world, consider how important it is that you choose the right host for your company. 

In selecting an email host, you can either use a third-party host or your web host as your email host. Hopefully our discussion of some of our personal favorites has helped you figure out what’s right for you.

Points to remember:

  • G-Suite has a wide range of capabilities, great security, and a lot of extra products for businesses.
  • Outlook 365 is slightly cheaper and allows access to Microsoft Suite but is limited to three hundred users.
  • Zoho is the cheapest third-party host, but it offers fewer benefits.
  • BlueHost has many great benefits and is affordable but may not work well with MemberPress.
  • iPage offers less but is a good starting point if you want to use a web host.

Have you tried any of these email hosts? Do you disagree with our list? Please let us know in the comments below. If you liked this post, please follow us on Facebook for more great content. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram.

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