Create A Successful Sales Blueprint for your Membership Business in 6 Steps

In any online business, sales and marketing are a huge part of a small business' success. This idea is no different when creating a membership site.

If you want stable growth of your membership business, taking the time to sit and map out a sales blueprint is unavoidable. Here are a few tips to help you get started creating a successful sales strategy for your membership site!

Wait….What Do You Mean By “Sales Blueprint?”

When you create a sales blueprint, you are mapping out how your company will target ideal customers in a way that is both unique and relatable, while still extremely effective and generating sales in the end.

Your blueprint can include anything from your CEO giving talks to audiences, handing out pamphlets and flyers, or representatives cold calling customers. Your plan will consist of the current state of your company, your company's goals, and practices your business can adopt to implement your new sales strategy.

Now Let's Get Started!

  1. Take an assessment of your company's current state. This step is significant because this research will help to set the stage for how your company will move forward. Document your company's average amount of monthly sales, return vs. new customers, where customers find your membership business, which memberships, products, online courses, or services, are most popular and so on. Everything about the current state of your membership business should be documented first.
  2. Clarify your target market and who your ideal customers are. As time goes on, things can change in your business, including your target market and your ideal customers. Use your assessment to help you figure out what this person looks like. Think about their income level, their interests, where they hang out online, what they are most drawn to in your membership site, and their pain points. If you know who your people are, it will be easier to understand where to find them and market to them.
  3. Set goals. Do you want more sales of a particular product? Are you looking to increase sales in general? Do you have a sale you'd like to promote? Without clear sales goals in mind, what's the point of creating a blueprint for your sales?
  4. Create a plan of attack. Now that you know your target market, see where your weak spots are, and set your goals, now it's time to plan! Use the information you've already gathered to help you map things out. Let's say you would like to sell 25 new memberships this month – what would it take for your company to achieve this? Based on your assessment, you know that you all have tried social media ads, which worked, but you also tried public engagement, which sold many more memberships. In your plan, it would be wise to make sure that your company sets aside time to book speaking engagements or appearances at trade shows.
  5. Set a deadline for your strategy. One of the best ways to see if your membership business sales blueprint worked is to establish a timeline, including a deadline, on the project. This way, you'll be able to go back and see how your business did. Whether you test out a sales strategy for a month, six months, or a year, give yourself a cutoff time so you can assess the results.
  6. Learn from your results and adjust, if necessary. Once your time ends on the sales strategy, meet with your team to discuss the results. Were you successful? If so, should you continue with the plan? If not, what can your team members do differently or better next time? The point is to learn from your results and keep pushing!

No matter what stage your membership business is in, creating a sales strategy for your membership business is always extremely important.

Whether your results came out great or not-so-great, never consider your efforts a complete failure. There's always something to learn from your marketing efforts, and you can only get better in the end! We hope our tips will help you prepare to work towards an increase in your business' sales!

What tips would you give about creating a sales strategy? What's in your sales blueprint?

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