What are the technical requirements for running MemberPress?

Core Plugin

MemberPress requires at least WordPress version 4.8 or above, PHP 5.6.20 or above (7.2 or newer recommended), MySQL 5.1.20 or above, and a web browser that has JavaScript enabled.

MemberPress runs on Self-Hosted WordPress (wordpress.org) and WordPress.com Business accounts. If you have any questions about how to get started with self-hosted WordPress.org you can find many resources on WordPress.org.

Static File Protection Feature (PDF, MP3, etc)

MemberPress' digital file protection access rules work best with the Apache web server … we do have some unsupported rewrite rules that will work with Nginx but only Apache is officially supported for this feature.

If you're not using Apache and need to protect static files like PDF's or ZIP's etc, we recommend using our Downloads add-on instead.

Paywall/SEO Feature

These features do not work with any kind of page caching.