5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with your Remote Team

The holidays are in full swing, and it's the time of year when all small business owners want to show appreciation for their staff in their online business.

There are many things that you could do, but sometimes it's hard when your staff is remote, and you are working with a budget.

In this post, we are going to discuss a few ways you can celebrate the holidays with your remote staff without breaking the bank!

Why Remote Team Celebrations are Important

Remote work isn't leaving anytime soon. For the past year, employees have enjoyed getting the chance to complete their work from the comfort of their own homes. Remote working has proved to be beneficial, and many workers and employers don't plan to give it up anytime soon.

However, people who work from home can miss out on certain perks that come with working in an office. Office Christmas shindigs and celebratory happy hours have turned into a party of one in this new era. While working from home certainly has its perks, it can be a lonely experience.

Thankfully, it's possible to have the best of both worlds. Employers can implement virtual celebrations that build on the camaraderie established in the workplace and forge new bonds between recent hires and the rest of the team. Take a look at the graphic below to learn how to plan the perfect virtual team celebration.

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How to Plan an Unforgettable Virtual Team Celebration

Plan a Party Where Your Employees Can Meet Up

One great way that you can share the holiday spirit with your remote team is by hosting a holiday party and inviting everyone to meet up in a set location for a fun holiday party.

This gives a chance for your staff to meet face-to-face, get to know one another, and have a great time together! Events like these help boost employee morale and help make your team even stronger!

Send Holiday Cards

Who doesn't love a pleasant holiday greeting? Sending your remote employees a fun holiday greeting via email or traditional mail is an excellent way to let your staff know you are thinking of them and that you care.

Holiday cards do not have to be expensive. Leave a friendly message that is personalized (if possible) will make your greetings just that much more special and will get your employees in the holiday spirit.

Use Music

Music is a great way to set the mood, especially during the holidays. Playing music or even sending music to your staff during the holiday season will give your team a reason to smile and get them in holiday mode.

Surprise them by having holiday music softly playing in the background during staff meetings. If you have a smaller team, see if you have time to reach out to each person personally and talk with them. Or, set some time to make a fun holiday video and send it to your staff. 

Host Holiday Competitions

In between getting work done, why not have some fun contests to celebrate the holidays with your remote team? Reward the employee who completes the most tasks during the week, or recognize the most festive team member. You can even have fun mini-contests and hand out simple gifts like gift cards and free stuff as rewards.

The best thing about the holiday season is giving, and everyone loves presents, so use this holiday season as an excuse to spoil your staff and make them feel accomplished and extraordinary!

Show Appreciation For One Another

Last but not least, allow your team to show their appreciation for one another! Arrange different activities for your staff to do to help the team let one another know that they are valued!

Host a Christmas gift exchange so your team can learn more about each other, have each staff member send another person a lovely card or festive email, or encourage your team to be kind to one another during the holiday season. Your team will appreciate the newfound closeness.

Having remote workers on your team can be tough, especially during the holiday season. However, if you take some time to focus on keeping your team engaged and festive during the holiday season, you will be sure to get your team into the spirit in no time!

Do you have a remote team? What do you do to celebrate the season with them? Tell us in the comments!

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