Get Easy-To-Use Content Protection With Our New WPBakery Add-on

Creating and managing a membership site can seem like a huge undertaking. For most people the leap into running an online business is a jump into uncharted territory.

With the slew of concepts and ideas you have to master to run a business in the first place, coding isn't something you want to add to the plate. It's also expensive to hire developers to make a site from scratch.

There are so many questions when you start. For instance, how are you going to separate the content your members have access to at different levels? Without knowing the answer, it's hard to run a course or offer membership levels at all.

Thankfully, plugins like WP Bakery make it simple to create beautifully designed websites that are user-friendly. But now we're taking that ease-of-use a step further. Our new Content Protection Add-On for WPBakery is accessed right in the Add-ons page in your MemberPress dashboard menu, and you don't need any coding skills to make it work.

Thanks to this new add-on, controlling the content your members see at various levels requires just a few settings adjustments.

In this announcement, we want to go over a few new features for this exciting MemberPress add-on.

What is WPBakery?

If you're familiar with WordPress but have trouble with HTML and other elements of web design, there's a good chance you're utilizing a page builder. WPBakery is a page builder that allows anyone—from beginner users to coding professionals—to create beautiful, functional websites quickly and effortlessly.

The feature-rich page builder boasts an easy-to-use interface that you can learn in minutes. With drag and drop design options and front and back end design options, you can turn a plain site into a designer's dream in no time at all. 

WP Bakery also includes integration with plugins that help users create anything they can imagine. Up until now, using MemberPress with WP Bakery meant finding workarounds. Not anymore.

We're excited to introduce you to the features of our Content Protection Add-on for WPBakery, available to all levels of MemberPress subscribers!

How Does This Help My Membership Site?

This new add-on was specifically designed for page builder users. It allows you to tailor your MemberPress website content to the right people at the right time.

This add-on is for you if:

  • You use WPBakery to create and maintain your WordPress site.
  • You're sinking a lot of time and effort into boosting your membership tiers and want to optimize the experience for higher-paying customers.
  • You want to create member-only sections of specific pages that act as teasers for free or lower-tier members right in WP Bakery.
  • You want to add more functionality and control to your back end experience with MemberPress.

The ability to control and filter is what makes a membership site successful. 

It's easy to get started. You can add your new favorite plugin by uploading your downloaded zip file to the Upload Plugins area. 

From there, head to the settings to add rules and copy for unauthorized use.

An Easier Way to Segment Content by Membership Level

We've improved your ability to control the content across your websites with more options for fine-tuning your memberships. 

With this add-on, you can now:

Easily Edit Access Within Rows 

Want to create a unique experience for different membership levels? No problem! Our Content Protection Add-on is accessed within your row options in a new tab. The content within your selected row will only display if the required membership is active. This feature gives you highly customizable pages and more opportunities to show your members what they're missing.

To edit access in WPBakery, open the row settings and head over to the MemberPress tab. 

Make Customized Membership Rules 

Create rules to set parameters for each section of your membership site. Set up specialized messages that plug your upgrades, highlight what unauthorized viewers are missing, and give sneak peeks to features that are typically only available to paying customers.

Decide Actions for Unauthorized Access 

How do you want MemberPress to deal with members at lower levels than the displayed content allows? Set up specialized messages that display to users who don't meet that specific membership rule.

This add-on enhances your membership site experience, and now you have more direct control over the content that visitors can see and engage with. Our new content protection integration will help you keep your memberships separate, enticing, and simple to implement. 

Activate Your WPBakery Content Protection Add-on to Start

Ready to try it out? These new integrations are available for anyone with a MemberPress subscription, including Basic. Download the add-on from the Add-ons page in your MemberPress dashboard menu to get started and test out this exciting new feature today!

Let us know if you have any questions (or suggestions). We're excited to hear what you think about the new content protection add-on!

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    December 24, 2020

    I have installed the add on but am not getting the tab to show up when editing rows? Any ideas?

      Paul C

      December 30, 2020

      If you haven't already, open a support ticket so our technical support team can assist you with this. Thanks!