Guest Blogging For Your Membership Site: What, Why, & How

When you have an online business. such as a membership website, you probably already know how important SEO is for your business.

One way of building your online presence for your membership site is by guest blogging (also referred to as guest posting). But does it really help your SEO strategy? How do you go about guest blogging? What is guest posting?

Keep reading to learn the answers to all of these questions!

What Is Guest Blogging, Exactly?

Simply put, guest blogging is the practice of writing and publishing content on another business or individual's blog in an effort to earn more viewership to your site and a higher search ranking. It's a small part of the entire SEO strategy.

What Makes Guest Blogging So Beneficial?

Guest posting opportunities can be positive for your membership site's SEO Strategy for three big reasons:

  1. Exposure – by posting content on other business sites, you gain exposure to their audience, which can further increase sales
  2. Link Building – guest blogging allows you link backs to your site, which gives more links for Google to crawl, making your Google search rank go up!
  3. Credibility – guest blogging on other sites builds credibility and establishes your authority.

Guest Blogging Tips

Now that you understand the basics around guest blogging for your membership business, here are a few tips we recommend you keep in mind when implementing this tactic into your overall marketing strategy:

1. Guest Post for Legit Sites

There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to submit guest posts for consideration. But there are also equally as many content mill sites out there that dont filter their content and allow anyone (literally) to post. Posting on these sites can ruin your reputation and negatively impact your SEO strategy. Dont do it!

2. Think About Your Audience

When you are guest blogging, its understandable that you want to reach out to high-ranking sites, no problem at all. But don't just jump to guest post anywhere. Because your audience may not be there. Think about sites that your audience may visit and target those places.

3. Write Original Content

When you're guest posting for another website, you want to make sure that you have original, plagiarism-free content that you haven't previously used on another guest post. Reusing content or copying content can damage your SEO strategy. Make sure that each post is unique. Cover a different topic, write from different angles, and show off different sides of you and your business!

So. Is Guest Blogging Good or Not??

Yes. Guest blogging can really benefit your membership business' SEO strategy! Definitely implement it into your strategy. However, do not overdo it, because it can have damaging effects. Keep our tips in mind and your guest blogging will be flawless!

Do you guest blog? What benefits have you experienced from it? Let's discuss in the comments!

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