How Offering Multiple Payment Types can Increase Conversions

MemberPress currently supports both Paypal and Stripe out of the box, with the addition of in the developer edition. This gives you the option of setting up multiple payment types for your products, which can lead to higher conversion levels than just offering one payment method.

How can it increase conversions?

Many users have preferences as to which payment portal they want to use when buying online. Some like using credit cards, which Stripe allows very easily, or maybe they don't have a PayPal account. Others like to use Paypal, so they don't have to put their credit card information in over and over again on multiple sites who may or may not have the correct security measures in place. That's why offering multiple payment methods can increase conversions on your membership site. And with both Paypal and Stripe having the same fees for their standard accounts (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction), there is no reason why you shouldn't offer both of them to your customers.

How to do it in MemberPress

MemberPress makes this extremely easy. You can add all of your payment portals very quickly. You can check out the user manual for full instructions on how to add each of them here.

Payment Portals

MemberPress even makes it easy to customize the payment methods on a per product basis. By leaving the box unchecked, it will use all of the payment methods by default. When it is checked, you can set which payment methods are available for your users to purchase the product with.


One reason why you might want to customize payment methods from product to product is you may have a product that you want exclusive to the offline payment method. Possibly something that is exclusive for your local customers. Or maybe you do have a product with the offline payment method, but you don't want that available on all of your products, just specific ones, MemberPress makes this easy through this feature.

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