How to Add Printables to your Membership Business

There are many different ways that you can monetize your online business, but one method that may be lesser known is digital downloads.

What Are Digital Downloads?

Digital downloads are digital products that you can create to sell online for customers to use in their business and/or personal lives.

Digital downloads can include things like planners and journals, calendars, stickers, ebooks and workbooks, coloring pages, templates, stationery, and more. The possibilities are endless!

In this post, we will discuss digital downloads and how you can start implementing them in your business model!

Are Digital Downloads Hard to Make?

The great thing about a digital download is that you do not have to be a tech wiz or a design genius to make them!

To get started making a digital download, all you will need to start is a Word Processor (like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, etc.). If you want to add extra elements to your printable, you can use tools like Adobe, graphic software (like Canva, PicMonkey, etc.), or stock photos to bring your printable to life. It's as simple as that to get started!

What Makes a Digital Download So Attractive to Customers?

Digital downloads are attractive to customers because:

  • They are simple to use. Customers look for templates and guidelines that will make their lives easier without much hassle.
  • They are inexpensive. Digital Downloads do not require extra fees for shipping, and prices are lower because you do not print anything out or have to bind anything together. You send the document to the customer, and they do the rest!
  • No waiting period. Your membership customers don't have to wait on the mail to bring them their product. All they have to do is wait a few seconds for your email to pop up in their inbox or for the document to finish downloading on their computer or phone!

Why Do Online Business Owners Love Digital Downloads?

If you have a membership business or any other online business, you will love digital downloads because:

  • They don't require technical savvy. You do not have to have a ton of knowledge about technical fundamentals to create a digital download. Just use your basic tools, most of which are free, and you're good to go!
  • It's inexpensive. These products do not require large amounts of money to make! As we stated earlier, most of the tools are free, and you do not have to make and publish anything or ship. You create files and make them available for download or email.
  • They Sell. Let's face it, people love convenience nowadays, and everyone loves a good deal. Digital downloads are the best of both worlds! Affordable and straightforward products, yet are still a tremendous help to customers, will always become a great way to earn passive income!

How Do I Earn Money with Digital Downloads?

If you've never considered creating and selling printables in your online business, it can be slightly overwhelming. However, it doesn't have to be overly complicated! Here are a few methods you can use to sell your digital download:

  • Start off with a Free Version. If you want to start selling digital products in your membership site, perhaps consider starting with a free version of your printable. Offer a preview of a recipe ebook, a few pages of a workbook, or a preview of an ebook to get people interested. Once you hook them with the preview, they'll want to purchase the entire product!
  • Create Bundles. Another reliable method of selling your product is by bundling it with other products! If you have similar products or something that compliments your printable in your online store, start by offering your digital download as a bundled deal with that product. This will not only help to better market your product and expose it to more fans, but it will help make your printable a stronger standalone product if your customers wind up liking it.
  • Write Blog Posts or Guest Posts. Write posts on your blog or for guest posts that pertain to your printable and use them as another funnel for selling your printable. Use the blog post to link to the product in your online store or to your lead page to attract potential customers!

Keys To A Solid Digital Download

As we stated earlier, printables are easy to create but do not underestimate a few key items:

  • Branding. Your printable should be used as another vehicle to promote your membership business and attract new customers. Make sure that those who have your printables know that your company made it and how to find you if they'd like to learn more about you.
  • Format. You can't sell a printable if it isn't printable! Before you release your digital download to the world, ensure that your printable is appropriately formatted and is in a format that will allow your users to print and use easily.
  • Usefulness. Make sure that the download you create is something that your customers want or need. Pay attention to your customers, and what they are looking for, so you'll know what kind of printable they will buy.
  • Value. Consider how your printable will help your customers. Make sure that the product is worth your customer's while. The more value you offer with your product, the more your customers will value your membership business as a whole.

Have you created digital downloads for your online business?

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