How to Creatively Earn Blog Subscribers

There are over 600 million blogs in existence. That’s almost double the population of the United States of America! People’s moms, brothers, friends, dogs, and even imaginary friends own blogs. So how do you cut through all that clutter? How can you get blog subscribers when there are so many options available?

Here are seven tips to help you out:

1. Host contests

Everybody loves a freebie, which makes contests a quick and easy way to gain subscribers. Hold a giveaway and ask people to subscribe to your blog via social media or through your website. The better the prize you offer, the more people you’ll get to sign up. 

Although contests can bring in a large number of subscribers, there are some downsides to them. For one, you may get people who want freebies but who don’t care about the content you create. These people may quickly unsubscribe and never read your content.

Make sure your prize isn’t something generic like a $1,000 gift card, which would appeal to all kinds of people, including those who don’t care about your blog. Appeal to your audience with something only they’ll love, then make sure your content is great enough that people want to stick around. 

2. Post and comment on other blogs.

Blog readers read blogs. This is obvious. Therefore, reaching out and asking if you can post on blogs like your own is a great way to target an audience who will read yours, too.

So create well-written content for other blogs, and be sure to include info about your own blog under the author bio on the article. You may even be able to sneak a link to your blog in the article. If a devoted blog fan reads your article and likes it, they may just check out your blog and subscribe.

Leaving well-thought-out comments on other blogs can be beneficial, as well. Doing so helps others know you exist. 

3. Use Google Ads (but don’t necessarily buy the ads).

Of course, if you have the resources, it may not be a bad idea to buy an ad asking people to subscribe to your blog. (Fun fact: if you are running a nonprofit, you can apply for a grant that gives you thousands in Google Ads each month.) 

If you don’t have the resources, Google Ads has a great tool called Keyword Planner. Even if you don’t purchase any ads, you can sign up for Google Ads and use their tools.

Keyword Planner helps you search for relevant terms and see how many hits those terms have received on Google. Your visibility will improve as you carefully select the words you use in an article based on what you discover using this tool. 

4. Create a subscription link on your main website page.

Don’t forget the simple things. Have a pop-up link appear on your website inviting people to subscribe as soon as they get on your site. They may love your content, yet not even think about the option of subscribing unless you offer that option to them in an obvious way. 

5. Offer an incentive for the subscription.

This is similar to hosting contests, only everyone receives a reward if they choose to subscribe. Incentives may include exclusive content, ebooks, a short PDF guidebook, etc.

For example, Eschler Editing, an editorial and publishing service, offers subscribers a free guide to smarter publishing, along with a proofreading checklist and editing tips. Incentives are great because they mean subscribers are already interested in content you create. They may have just needed that extra nudge to subscribe. 

6. Invite guest bloggers to participate in your blog. 

Similar to posting on others’ blogs, you can invite others to post on your blog. This can draw their readership to you. Be sure to encourage the guest blogger to let people know via their social media channels about the blog article they’ve written.

When it comes to guest bloggers, “swimming with the sharks” is especially smart. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to invite bloggers who are just a bit bigger and more powerful than you are. 

7. Write excellent content.

While all the tricks in the world may help you get noticed, nothing beats quality content. Write something interesting, relevant, and useful to your audience. Put your own unique spin on it and be true to your writing voice. 

People will subscribe to something they love. They’ll spread the word about something they love. If your content stands out for all the right reasons and you do what you can to market that content, your subscription list will grow. So put in the time to make your blog awesome! 

With over 600 million blogs in existence, the task of getting yourself out there may feel daunting. But it’s not impossible to gain subscribers. Cut through the clutter by following these tips and earn blog subscribers who believe you’re that one in 600 million.


  • Contests are a great way to get subscribers, but choose prizes that appeal to your target audience.
  • Participate in other blogs because doing so will give you visibility.
  • Use Google Ads (or at least use Google’s Keyword Planner)!
  • Don’t leave out the strategies you know already work. Make sure people are invited to subscribe as soon as they get to your website.
  • Incentives are a great way to turn people interested in what your blog has to offer into subscribers.
  • Swim with the sharks by inviting influential guest bloggers to participate on your blog.
  • Above all, create incredible content that will keep people coming back.

How have you been successful at increasing your number of blog subscribers? Which of these methods have you found most successful? Let us know in the comments.  

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    Yvonne Finn

    January 23, 2020

    Michelle, Thank you for these informative, instructive and insightful writing tips on how to creatively earn blog subscribers! To be truthful, I am having a difficult time accomplishing this and was both pleased and surprised to receive your blog article with these generous and actionable tips. All the tips are on point, but as a Non-fiction writer, I was really appreciative of the information and advice found at that one. I also love that you stress this point" While all the tricks in the world may help you get noticed, nothing beats quality content." Overhauling my current blog content is my first task for 2020. Thanks again and continued success, Michelle!

      Michelle Carpenter

      January 23, 2020

      I'm really glad you found the article useful! I hope you'll be able to put the advice to use and garner the subscribers you desire. Please let me know if you have more questions regarding blogging! It's my specialty. Best wishes in your blog endeavors.