How to Increase Membership Site Engagement with Video

Video can be an effective way to grow your membership project. Used correctly, video can bring more visitors to your website, help you connect better with those visitors, and improve the percentage of your audience who go on to become members. Video content can also help you charge more for your membership product, keep your users signed up for longer, and deliver even more value to your members than ever before.

You might be worried that you don't have the skills or infrastructure to produce video content for your membership site, but that probably isn't the case. In this article on how to increase membership site engagement with video, we'll look at the different ways you can use video content to grow your business as well as some ideas on the types of videos you can create. You might be surprised how easy it is to get started with video.

Publish Videos on Your Public Website

Unless you have a large audience or following already, you’re going to have to give away free content before you can persuade people to join your membership site. Publishing regular blog posts directed at your target audience is a popular content marketing strategy that should bring more traffic to your site. However, publishing freely available videos that deliver real value can also increase your chances of getting more exposure and help turn free visitors into paid members.

Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience, demonstrate your credibility, and get your message across. So before you even start creating video for your registered members, consider using this medium to grow your audience first.

Use Video to Upgrade Your Membership Product

If you launched your membership site with just text and image based content, then it might be time to think about adding some video to the mix. Using video to deliver valuable content to your members will help make your product more attractive to potential new members as well as keeping existing members engaged for longer and reduce membership site churn.

This video content can help set you apart from the competition, increase the perceived value of your product, and attract a wider audience, all things that can help increase membership site engagement with video. If you're worried about keeping this content protected, read our guide on securing video in membership websites.

Offer Multiple Membership Tiers with Video

There are many good reasons to offer multiple pricing tiers for your membership site including the ability to generate more revenue from your project. But how do you go about defining the different levels of your membership site?

Creating a higher tier that gives your members access to videos alongside your regular content could be something that your audience would be willing to pay extra for. Alternatively, if you find video easier to produce than other types of content, you could offer a video only tier at a lower price.

Cater to Different Types of Members

Some people prefer to consume content by reading it while others would rather have access to video. By catering to both types of potential members, you can use video to make your membership product more appealing to a wider audience while also increasing engagement by offering your members more of what they want.

Create Shareable Video Content

Publishing videos on your site is another way of creating content that could be shared on social media. Whether it’s you or your visitors sharing your video content on social media, it’s another opportunity for you to interact with your target audience and raise the awareness of your brand or membership product.

Use Videos as a Lead Magnet or Incentive

Creating an email newsletter for your website can be a great way to build your audience. Once a website visitor has joined your mailing list, you can then start an email marketing campaign to promote your membership product to them. However, persuading visitors to subscribe and enter their email address can be difficult.

One popular way to encourage a visitor to become a subscriber is to offer them an incentive in exchange for their email address. When it comes to creating an incentive, video content can be an effective lead magnet. This video could come in the form of an instructional video, a video walkthrough, or a video version of an article on your site.

Add Videos to Your Promotional Content

Creating a landing page for your membership site is a proven way to successfully promote your project. You can use these landing pages as standalone websites that you direct visitors to from social media and other traffic sources. Another option is to add a landing page to your website and send visitors who are interested in your membership product to it.

Once a visitor has arrived on your landing page, you can explain all the benefits they can expect to receive from joining your membership site. Adding video to your landing pages can make them extra effective, giving you another way to increase membership site engagement with video.

If you’re not ready to start creating landing pages, you can still use videos to promote your membership site. Simply record and upload a video to your website’s homepage, your membership registration page, or any other areas of your site.  Just remember to add calls to actions to your video so your viewers know what to do next!

Accept Video Uploads From Your Members

One way to increase engagement on your membership site is to make your product more interactive. An option for achieving this is to encourage input from your members. Giving them the ability to upload their videos to your site can really help facilitate this.

Now as well as receiving comments on your articles or starting discussions in your member forum, you can let your members ask questions, share their ideas, and chart their progress by submitting videos they’ve recorded. Responding to this user-generated content is sure to improve engagement on your membership site.

Hold Webinars and Stream Events for Your Members

Webinars featuring video can be a great value-add for your membership site that your audience will appreciate. Holding a live webinar can be a good way to interact with your members and deliver training, answer their questions, and introduce new concepts.

The same applies to streaming events that are related to your membership product. This could include streaming the video recording of a mastermind session, a training class, or a sports event. Whatever the focus of your membership site, there’s sure to be something you can record and stream to your users in video format.

You can also use webinars to grow your membership site user base by holding them for potential new members.

Upload Videos to YouTube

We’ve already covered the many ways YouTube can help you grow your membership website on this blog. However, for a quick recap, this can include using it as a source of traffic to your website, improving the search engine visibility of your content thanks to the links back to your site from YouTube as part of your membership site SEO strategy, and creating a community around your content to name just a few.

Due to this, it’s highly recommended that you at least consider harnessing the power of YouTube to improve your membership project. If you’ve already created some video content for your membership site then think about how you can go about sharing it on YouTube. If you haven’t produced any videos yet, leveraging YouTube is another good reason to start hitting the record button.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve now been sold on the idea of using video to grow your membership site. From attracting more visitors, building an audience, making your membership product more attractive, and opening another channel of engagement with your members, there are many ways to increase membership site engagement with video.

Creating video needn't be the huge undertaking it might seem. Even by simply using the webcam on your laptop, the front-facing camera on your smartphone, or free basic screen capture software, you can start getting your message out there through the medium of video and growing your business.

How will you use video to increase your membership site engagement? Please let us know in the comments below.

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