How to Save on Last-Minute Holiday Shopping – Green Monday to the Rescue!

Over the last few weeks, sale banners have been plastered in nearly every store window and popping up on just about every website you visit. 

This year, Black Friday sales started as early as November 1st, followed by several businesses participating in Small Business Saturday, with Cyber Monday wrapping up the notorious month of savings. 

But there’s one final sale many companies are starting to add to their end-of-the-year savings events: Green Monday.

Where Did Green Monday Come From?

eBay coined the phrase “Green Monday” back in 2007, declaring the second Monday in December their busiest day of the year – the day they raked in the most “green”. But how was it that a random Monday was outperforming both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Well, at the time, the second Monday in December happened to be the last day shoppers could purchase a gift on eBay and have it delivered before Christmas.

Even as we’ve entered the era of “same-day shipping”, Green Monday (sometimes called “Second Cyber Monday) still stands as a great reminder for last-minute shoppers that Christmas is less than a week and a half away. 

Anyways, while Green Monday is still a newer, lesser-known holiday sales event, its popularity is on the rise – and for several good reasons. 

Putting the “Green” in Green Monday

As we mentioned earlier, the “green” in Green Monday originally referred to the sudden boost in revenue online companies were seeing with their final push to encourage online purchases.

However, over the years, the “green” has inspired an awesome trend – combining earth-friendly initiatives in holiday sales and emphasizing the energy efficiency of online shopping. Today, many companies add green initiatives, such as donating a portion of their Green Monday sales to an eco-conscious organization.

How MemberPress is Celebrating Green Monday 2021

You may remember back in April how MemberPress celebrated Earth Day by donating a portion of our sales that week to One Tree Planted.

With your help, our donation helped plant hundreds of trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. How great is that!

Because you all helped make our Earth Day event so successful, we want to do it again! For a second week in 2021, we’re once again donating a portion of our Green Monday sales to One Tree Planted.

Our goal is to beat our Earth Day donation, so we’re here to offer you a discount too good to pass up! 

MemberPress Green Monday 2021

MemberPress Green Monday Sale – Save Up to $300 Off!

Do you know someone who wants to start a membership business? What about an educator looking to create and sell online courses in their expertise? 

A one-year MemberPress subscription plan is just what any aspiring entrepreneur needs to help get their business up and running in 2022.

That’s why we’ve made it so you can Give the Gift of MemberPress by purchasing a downloadable gift certificate to give to your favorite entrepreneur this holiday season.

You’ll also save up to $300 off when you treat yourself to the world’s most powerful membership site and LMS plugin for WordPress.

Whether you give a MemberPress gift certificate or gift your own small business this year, you’ll want to take advantage of our Green Monday Celebration. It’s going on now through December 18. And remember, for every membership sold, we’ll donate to One Tree Planted. 

👉 Head on over to and use code GREEN21 to get started! 

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