Meet ‘Membership Academy’: Membership Site Experts Using MemberPress

MemberPress has a variety of clients who create, build, and maintain successful businesses using our software as the plugin for their membership sites.

Previously, we highlighted two female clients who currently run their businesses using this innovative software. Here, we have the opportunity to showcase another successful businesswoman, Callie Willows, of Membership Academy, a company that offers its members incredible resources for building and maintaining successful membership sites.

Membership Academy’s clients have access to in-depth online courses, live training sessions, a supportive community, direct feedback, opportunities and support to participate in monthly challenges, and exclusive, members-only resources.

Callie is half of a winning partnership dedicated to providing top-notch member services to a diverse clientele. She and Mike Morrison run Membership Academy from North East England, in Newcastle (also known as the “Frozen North,” the inspiration for the ancestral castle Winterfell in Game of Thrones).

In their own words, “With a combined twenty plus years in the online marketing and web development industry, we've been privileged to work on membership sites and online courses covering a diverse range of topics – from weight loss and coaching to executive training, bass guitar, and everything in between – helping great clients to achieve fantastic results.”

Membership Academy's History

Membership Academy

Having already built a number of thriving WordPress-based membership sites, Callie and Mike created Membership Academy when they were contacted by business owners wanting to create and grow their own sites.

The two began researching, looking for a reliable resource to direct their clients to. What they discovered was that there wasn’t a place where they could direct their clients for good, solid advice.

Most of what was available seemed to be based on get-rich-quick type schemes. Thus, Membership Academy was born when Callie and Mike decided to pool their knowledge and skills to create the resource themselves.

“The Membership Guys”

The two are known as  “The Membership Guys” because of their years of experience in online business, web development, marketing, and community building. Both were running successful businesses when they met online – and not through a dating site but a small-business-owners membership site!

As they talked, they realized that if they combined their skills they would be able to take their business to the next level and offer clients much more than they could separately. And the results have been phenomenal.

They’ve taken clients from zero members and zero revenue to profits of over $1 million a year. Clearly, Membership Academy is the resource any business owner needs to create a membership site or to receive the latest insider tips on maintaining it.

Authentic Expertise

Membership Academy offers its expertise to existing membership-site owners as well as business owners looking to become membership-site owners.

Callie and Mike help those who have skills and knowledge they’d like to share but who aren’t sure how to create a successful membership site where they can get those things out there. They also provide additional training and support for those who already have membership sites but who want to take things to the next level.

As mentioned above, Callie found that so much of the  current “advice” on running membership sites is based on the get-rich-quick mentality; Membership Academy doesn't take that approach. The company is dedicated to helping businesses be successful—through hard work and innovation.

Membership Academy has many unique offerings. Its services include not only marketing advice but technical advice for running a site, including custom coding. For business owners who want to learn the technical side of things, this is a huge benefit.

Callie and Mike are well acquainted with virtually all of the membership plugins available today, and although Callie doesn’t believe there's one plugin for everyone, MemberPress is their go-to software.

They say that's because of handy features like reporting, membership pausing, and the ability to send checkout abandonment reminders. MemberPress’s reporting feature allows Callie and Mike to see member stats, such as the number of signups and the financial information necessary for running the business.

They love that MemberPress keeps track of both taxes paid and average lifetime member value, which saves them both time and money.

Callie also mentions ActiveCampaign, another useful tool that allows them to extend and level up their automations for things like member on-boarding. They also appreciate that their clients are able to control their own accounts and that they can offer clients many of Membership Academy’s own features.

Part of what makes MemberPress so attractive to Callie is that Membership Academy is easier to run because customer-support issues are minimized when clients control their own accounts. She and Mike agree that MemberPress is super user friendly and that its customer support is “top notch—the best support . . . of any membership plugin.”

You can find out more about Membership Academy by visiting their website.

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