Membership-Site Solutions: MemberPress Has Everything You Need

We say it on our homepage: we’re the “all-in-one” membership plugin. And as such, we’ve got everything you need to build your membership site.

So if you’re just getting started, we want to show you how we make it easy-peasy. But not only that: we’ve also got everything to help you continue to run and grow your business by upgrading or enhancing your membership site. 

Because we’re dedicated to helping our customers build and run successful membership businesses, our WordPress plugin has a large number of add-ons and features bundled together, which allows you to easily install everything you need to run your membership site.

And our software puts you in charge of your own content, data, and financial transactions. What’s more, we provide in-depth customer support to help you through any bumps in the road.

But we’re not just going to tell you how we can help you, we’re going to show you.

Membership Site Software Shopping? Expert Opinions Revealed!

There are definitely a few must-have features for running a successful membership site. But there are also a few features our experts suggest you look for beyond the software. Luckily, we at MemberPress don’t think of these as additional or bonus features—they come with your software.

  • Flexibility

It's important to select a membership-site solution that gives you the flexibility you need to run your business. You don't always know what the future will bring or what strategies you'll need to adopt to run a successful site.

That's why MemberPress has a powerful feature set, integrates with hundreds of third-party services, and is robust enough to handle almost any job you throw at it.

  • Support

Because your membership plugin is the core of your membership-site business, it's important to select one that’s updated often and has responsive support.

MemberPress has a dedicated team of software developers and tech-support engineers who are there to make sure the software is working for you. And if it isn’t, we make sure it gets fixed and up and running again quickly.

Our experts also recommend you not forget these important features (all included in MemberPress):

  • Automated Recurring Billing

MemberPress supports automated recurring billing through PayPal, Stripe, and payment gateways and supports flexible recurring terms such as monthly, quarterly, annual, and other custom billing cycles.

This set up allows you to easily create and track recurring subscriptions and the memberships associated with them. MemberPress is also capable of integrating with third-party payment vendors like SamCart, ThriveCart, and Gravity Forms for even more customization.

And for leads who want to try your site before buying, MemberPress has a solution for that, too: free or paid trials before the regular recurring payments begin.

  • Course Sales

You’ve spent a lot of time preparing course content, and you want to share your knowledge with clients (plus you’d also like to get paid for your hard work).

MemberPress is not only the perfect platform for selling your course content, it also includes a powerful, built-in LMS add-on called MemberPress Courses that allows you to build your courses, as well. And there's no separate download required. The add-on is included with MemberPress Basic, Pro, and Plus.

  • Import Existing Members

Migrating members to a new system can be time-consuming and tedious, but you’ve worked hard to get those members, and you don’t want to lose them. MemberPress makes importing existing members as straightforward as possible with our Importer add-on and migration documentation.

  • Public versus Private Content

One of the most important features of a membership-site solution is the ability to protect content from nonmembers or to restrict certain content within membership tiers.

MemberPress Rules can protect any content—new and existing—on your WordPress website, including pages, posts, custom-post types, tags, taxonomies, categories, and even user-defined areas of your content using shortcodes.

Additionally, MemberPress' unique content-protection rules make it easy to specify individual or groups of content (by tag or category) to protect. And it allows you to specify which memberships have access to which pieces of content.

The Most Requested Membership Plugin Features

So now you know which features you need. But what about the additional features that make running your site a breeze? We’ve made sure our software delivers them:

  • CRM and Email-Marketing Platforms Integrations

MemberPress supports most major CRM and email-marketing platforms, such as MailChimp and ActiveCampaign. (There are a few third-party integrations not supported by MemberPress as documented in our third-party integrations document.)

  • Collect Customized Data    

You can use MemberPress’ powerful form builder to add form fields to the membership sign-up, as well as account pages for collecting custom data from members.

  • Content Dripping

You can easily configure MemberPress rules to “drip” content—that is, to time the release of content and restrict and expire access to it.

  • Metrics

MemberPress tracks financial and member-based data related to your membership site and reports it in an intuitive and interactive interface. You can also export your reports and member data on transactions, subscriptions, members, and sales reports to Excel. 

  • Multiple Membership Levels

With MemberPress, there’s no limit to the number of memberships a site owner can add, and members can subscribe to multiple membership levels if they desire.

  • Stellar Customer Support

MemberPress places priority on making sure customers get meaningful responses as quickly as possible. We regularly train our support staff on new features or issues that have been discovered to make sure everyone is on the same page.

And our support team has open access to our development team to ensure that bugs, when found, are discussed, scheduled to be fixed, and squashed quickly so customers can get back to running their online businesses.

MemberPress Stands Out among the Crowd

We’ve made it a priority to design software that makes it easy for you to do what you do—run your business. Getting started with MemberPress really is a snap.

Many other WordPress membership solutions require you to install and buy additional plugins before you can use them. And initially configuring these solutions can be daunting. MemberPress is an all-in-one plugin—download it, install it, and you have everything you need to get started on your membership site.

Our job is to make sure the membership part of your site runs seamlessly so you can focus on your job. And because of that, MemberPress:

  • never sets a limit on the number of subscribers, memberships, or subscriptions you can have;
  • takes care of our customers first, as evidenced by the positive feedback we’ve received about our excellent technical support;
  • gives you everything up front, with much more value on the included add-ons and integrations that come free with your chosen edition of MemberPress;
  • makes it easy to run your membership site for the long haul with powerful, centralized rules and the ability to allow members to join multiple memberships and more;
  • makes it possible for members to fully manage their own subscriptions—they can pause, cancel, resume, upgrade, or downgrade their subscriptions anytime;
  • adds a powerful REST API and Webhook engine with the MemberPress Developer Tools, which can be used by developers to create connections to custom apps or to connect to services such as Zapier, which enables MemberPress to be connected to hundreds of other third-party services;
  • does not charge per-transaction or per-member fees; other than your annual license cost for support and updates, there are no additional costs or fees.

Because MemberPress is WordPress-based, it gives you the ability to leverage the most powerful content publishing platform in the world for your membership site. WordPress is exceptionally customizable, but most importantly, since it's hosted on your web host or server, you control your data.


What to Expect with MemberPress

Our clients are typically amazed and pleasantly surprised by the number of features, add-ons, and integrations available to them upon installing MemberPress.

And should you have questions or run into any snags when you first start—don’t worry! We provide excellent in-depth documentation and responsive, knowledgeable tech support.

So if you’re ready to get everything you need for your membership site in one fell swoop, why not get started? And for our existing clients, feel free to share your success stories or favorite features in the comments below!  

Thanks to Blair W. and Paul C. for their invaluable information for this post. 

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