7 Ways To Make A More Personalized Connection With Your Online Customers

Your customers are the driving force behind your small business – without them, you would be nothing. This is why it is so important to ensure that your online customers can connect with you and your message on a more personal level. Doing this will make your customers feel closer to you and help them develop a certain level of loyalty towards your business.

Here are a few ways you can make those personal connections with those who visit your online business.

1. Personalize Communications

One of the easiest ways to create a personal connection with your customers on your membership site is by personalizing your communication. In your emails, social media responses, or any other way you communicate with your audience, adding a personal touch by including their name, mentioning something about their profile, or including something about their activity on your membership site will show your customers that you are paying attention to them and that you care.

2. Take Your Customers Behind The Scenes

Another great way to show yourself as more of an organization of people rather than just a company is by taking customers and fans behind the scenes of your business. Celebrate a staff member's birthday, share about milestones such as someone having a baby or a retirement, or even talk about company milestones, such as ten years in business, or 1,000 social media followers. Sharing your real-life happenings with your customers makes you more human, shows the hard work going on behind the scenes, and makes your company overall more attractive because it shows that you have heart and you care for your people.

3. Listen To Your Members

Nothing makes customers happier than when they know they are being heard. If your membership site wants to keep your customers coming back, take into consideration some of the features your customers are seeking and try to implement them. You do not necessarily have to add every feature that your customers want – do what works best for your company. However, look at the most available features and implement them. Your customers will be even more excited about your membership business and will keep coming back for more!

4. Thank Your Customers

Whether it is a membership business, online store, or any other sort of online company, showing gratitude always goes a long way. When a new person joins your membership business, draft a welcome email that introduces your new customer to the membership business and thanking them for participating. Or, if someone buys merchandise or any product from you, don't be afraid to include a quick note or small card, thanking the customer for their purchase. Gratitude can take you far.

5. Make Sure to Follow Up

One great way to make a more personal connection within your support department is by following up with customers. After your support person assists a customer, make sure that they follow up with the individual a set time after to make sure that your team solved their problem and hasn't run into any other issues. This is yet another way to show that your company cares and is serious about making your life easier.

6. Send Rewards

Rewarding your customers for being loyal to your membership business is another way to express your gratitude with a personal approach to your customers. Rewards can be something as simple as a discount on their membership renewal, free merchandise, or a social media shoutout. Everyone loves free stuff, and it makes your customers feel special.

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7. Meet Face-To-Face With Your Customers

Nothing is more personal than meeting with your customers face to face, where that's in person or virtually. Schedule meetups for your members to get together in one set location and meetup or schedule something like a Facebook live to sit and talk with your fans about specific topics about your membership. This gives another human feel to your business and allows for more interaction with your customers.

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Final Thoughts

Creating a personal connection with your customers is extremely important, especially in this digital age. Take time to think about what your customers need and what will make them feel special. Show that you care about them and want to make them happy, and they'll return the favor with their loyalty.

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