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How to Manage your License Keys?

If you've installed and activated your MemberPress plugin license key on more than one site, you may want to find a way to reference this information. In order to see the number of activations you have, first login to your Account page here. From the Account homepage, click Downloads tab and navigate down to Site activations section. Within that section you'll see your total license key activations.

Deactivating your license key

If you'd like to deactivate the license key on your site, that can easily be done by logging into the site and navigating to MemberPress > Settings > License tab. From there, you can click on the ‘Deactivate License Key' button.

In cases where you have multiple license key activations on various other sites, you would need to login to each individual site to deactivate the license key. If you're unable to login to the individual site, or perhaps the site is no longer in service, you could login to your Account page here, click Downloads tab, and navigate down to the Site activations section, and click on the Deactivate All link. 

Note: Clicking on the Deactivate All link will deactivate the license key on all of your sites, so you'll need to go back and activate the license key on the individual sites you'd like MemberPress to be Active on.

Viewing sites with active license keys

If you're looking for a way to see a list of sites with an active license key, you can click the Manage activations link. The new window will popup with all active sites. You can also deactivate a single license in this window:

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