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What is Legacy MemberPress?

If your MemberPress plugin or membership is labeled “Legacy”, that just means you're on a plan we no longer sell. 

But rest assured,  legacy versions of MemberPress are still fully supported and receive regular updates.

From time to time we update the pricing or features of our different membership levels. But we allow customers already on an older plan to keep their same pricing and features. When a change involves different features, such as add-on access or the number of activations, the old plan simply becomes a “legacy” plan. 

As long as you keep your legacy plan license active, your price and core features will remain the same, and you'll continue to receive regular plugin and add-on updates.

Some of our newer add-ons may not be available or continue to be available, for legacy plans. Switch to one of our current plans to gain access to these add-ons.


  • You purchased the Basic Plan six months ago. 
  • Since then, the price for MemberPress Basic has increased.
  • And, Add-on X has always been available only to MemberPress Plus and Pro customers. But the development team initiates an update that makes add-on X available to new MemberPress Basic customers, as well.
  • Your Basic Plan becomes Legacy Basic and nothing changes. You still have access to all the same features and add-ons, and your price remains the same.
  • So you are now on a legacy plan. To gain access to the newly updated add-on, you'd need to switch to the new non-legacy Basic Plan.
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