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Limiting Active Logins

If you are concerned about your users sharing their login then this plugin should help put your mind at ease. Loggedin will allow you to limit the number of active logins for a Member at any given time. 

Install and Activate

  1. Download the Loggedin plugin here -> Loggedin
  2. Upload to your website by navigating to your Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New then “Upload Plugin”
  3. Upload the .zip file then choose Install Now
  4. Activate the the plugin.
  5. You will find the setting in your WordPress -> Settings -> General section near the bottom.
  6. Set the Maximum Active logins (this is per user, we recommend between 5-10 to be safe in case of multiple user access points like a phone, laptop, and pc if they don't remember to logout etc..). Setting this too low might cause you to get more support requests from upset members who cannot login.
  7. Set the Login Logic, to either Allow or Block. We recommend Block.

Force Logout

This is a feature where you may force a user from any and all devices they may be logged into if you think there are too many people logged in, even with your limit in place. You need to use the
WordPress User ID ONLY. This will help you get someone logged back in, if they are being blocked due to too many logins.
That is found in the MemberPress -> Members page on the far left, under “ID”. In the screenshot above, the ID would be 12 for example.
That is all there is to it, if you have any trouble let us know and we will be happy to help!
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