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What Cron jobs MemberPress adds

Many complex WordPress plugins add their own Cron jobs to your website to handle specific capabilities. MemberPress is no exception in this matter.

After the installation, MemberPress adds Cron jobs listed in this table:

Job Description Interval
mepr_jobs_worker Process the job queue (handles Developer Tools Webhooks too) Every minute
mepr_reminders_worker Send reminders (one job exists for each reminder) Every 15 minutes
mepr_jobs_cleanup Retries failed jobs and deletes old completed jobs Every hour
mepr_send_txn_expire_events Records events for expired transactions Every hour
mepr_admin_notifications_update Pulls in new notifications for the plugin Every 3 hours
mepr_member_data_updater_worker Updates member data (fixes missing members) Every 6 hours
mepr_summary_email Sends the weekly summary email (if enabled) Every week
mepr_snapshot_worker Sends anonymous usage stats (if enabled) Every week

If any of the built-in functionalities do not work the way they should, which depends upon Cron job, you can suspect that there's something wrong with Cron.

For instance, if reminders are sent intermittently and late, you can suspect that
mepr_reminders_worker is not triggered regularly. Or, if your members are not getting their per-membership tag updated in your favorite marketing automation platform, you can suspect the mepr_send_txn_expire_events job.

So, how to check that Cron jobs are working as they should? You can also install and activate the WP-Cron Status Checker plugin to get a bit more information.

Or, if you want to change the running interval of any of those, you can install and activate the
WP Crontrol plugin.

What to do if you find out that WP Cron jobs aren't triggered correctly?

The first thing would be to reach out to your hosting support and ask for help. However, if they can't manage to make WP Cron run correctly, you should implement a server-side Cron by following this tutorial – How to Replace the WordPress Cron with a Real Cron Job.


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