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Reminders Not Sending

Important Note: Some hosting companies disable the ability to send emails through WP Cron. The only way to get around this, if you decide to remain with that hosting plan, is to use an SMTP plugin like SendGrid, Mailgun, etc. For other hosting suggestions, please see this page. Of course, you will still need a functional WP Cron system. If you want to check if your Crons have been running, we recommend the WP Crontrol plugin for that.

If all other emails are sending correctly, except for the MemberPress Reminders, then your WP Cron is disabled or not working. This is because MemberPress Reminders are sent in the background via WP Cron. 

You will need to contact your host server to check and fix this, but you can follow the testing instructions included on this page to test your WP Cron as well. 

Testing WP Cron

To test if your WP Cron is working, you can follow these basic steps*:

  1. Disable the ‘Asynchronous Emails' setting (background emails) in your MemberPress > Settings > General tab.

  2. Create a reminder for 0 days after signup abandoned.

  3. Navigate to the registration page of a paid Membership on your site.

  4. Complete the first page of the registration process (entering the user information fields), but do NOT complete the payment page. 

  5. Finally, wait an hour or so. If no reminder emails are sent, then WP Cron is most likely not working, or your web-host has disabled email sending via WP Cron. We see this most frequently with GoDaddy.

*These steps will not work properly if you have enabled our Single Page Checkout feature. Please disable that when testing WP-Cron using these steps.

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