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Enable a Single Page Checkout (and invoice)

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Enabling Single page registration


By default, MemberPress uses a 2-step checkout process. Step 1 the member enters in their personal information and any custom fields you have defined. Step 2 they are asked to enter their payment information.

This 2-step process will remain the default method for the checkout experience. However, for those site owners who want to simplify their checkout experience to a single page – you now have that option as well.

To enable this option, you will head to the MemberPress -> Settings -> Account tab -> Registration section -> 
Enable Single Page Checkout.

Note: If you have caching or javascript optimization plugins on your site. You may need to flush those caches and refresh your signup page a few times in your browser after enabling the Single Page Checkout in order for the form to work correctly.

Enabling this option means the users will see the credit card input form (if using Stripe or right on the first step of the checkout. For PayPal, they will be taken directly to PayPal to pay instead of seeing the brief “Redirecting you to PayPal” message. For the Offline Gateway, they will no longer see the second step where the invoice overview is shown.

That's it! Your Membership Registration Forms will now be a single step instead of the default 2-step experience.

Displaying the single page checkout as an invoice

If you would like to display the checkout process as an invoice and also display taxes for the registration then you can enable the “Enable Single Page Checkout Invoice option in MemberPress > Settings > Account tab.

Note: You must be running MemberPress version 1.8.7 or newer for this setting to be available.

Supported Gateways

  • Stripe (Unless using “Stripe Checkout (beta)” option)
  • PayPal Digital Goods (via Express Checkout)
  • PayPal Standard
  • Offline Payment Gateway
  • 3rd party gateways like Pronamic iDEAL may not be supported. Please contact the developers of your 3rd party gateway for help enabling Single Page Checkout experience.

Overriding Template

This is for developers and advanced users only.

Single Page Checkout uses a different template file than the default 2-step process. The new template can be found in the /memberpress/app/views/checkout/spc_form.php

If you've previously
overridden the /memberpress/app/views/checkout/form.php file, you will not be affected by this change unless you enable the Single Page Checkout option in the MemberPress settings.

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