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WordPress User Roles

This add-on has been integrated and is now built-in into the MemberPress core plugin. Therefore, you no longer need to install it as a separate add-on. If you cannot find the settings listed below, ensure your MemberPress version is 1.9.1 or greater.

What is User Roles?

User Roles integration allows site owners to set specific WordPress user roles on a per-membership basis, meaning you can assign different roles to your members based on their Subscription status to your various memberships. These roles are added in addition to the default role you have set up in your WordPress -> Settings -> General page. It does not replace the default role or any other roles that other plugins like bbPress or WooCommerce may add.

This will automatically add to or remove from the user's existing roles appropriately depending on their subscription status to your memberships. If the user has no active memberships, their role will default to the role(s) set in your WordPress settings, as mentioned above.

Please note: When you add a role to a membership, it will be added to new signups. It will not be applied to existing members.

What Can I Do With This?

There are several use cases for this. But the most common would be activating additional features in other plugins based on the user's role. So, for example, you may have your forum plugin set up to allow users with specific roles to access forum groups that other users do not have access to. Or you might have an events plugin that will enable you to allow members with specific roles to register at a discounted price. There are innumerable ways this can be used, and we're excited to see what you come up with.

Configuring The User Roles

Step 1 – Locating the Settings

Navigate to MemberPress -> Memberships -> where you'll be able to see this taking effect in the Advance Tab of each of your Membership's Options.

Step 2 – Set the Desired User Roles for Each Membership

  1. As you can see in the image above, this will auto-populate with all of the standard WordPress user roles along with any custom ones that you or other plugins have set. First, select the role(s) you would like this particular membership to have. You can select more than one by holding the Control Key (Command Key on Macs).
  2. Repeat for as many memberships as you want.

That's it. MemberPress will do the rest from here.

Note: If you have two or more memberships that can be purchased simultaneously, and they have different custom user roles, a member with two or more simultaneously active memberships will have all additional user roles.

Additional Info

Note: If you are unsure how to create your own custom user roles, then please reference the valuable resources provided here by WordPress.


As always, feel free to shoot us an email from our support page if you need any assistance with User Roles.

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