A Beginners Guide to Google AdSense

Using Google AdSense on your website may be a way to make income doing what you love.

Not sure how to maximize profits? Want to know if Google AdSense is smart for your business? Not even sure what Google AdSense is? This is a great place to start.

Here are some ins and outs if you want to know how to get started and become profitable with AdSense:

What Is Google AdSense?

Quite simply, Google AdSense allows you, the website owner, to make money by having ads on your website.

It’s much like placing an ad in your company magazine fifty years ago—but it’s also completely different. Just like in the 1970s, people pay to reach your specific audience. They get a slot on your “page,” so to speak, where they can advertise their services and products. But unlike in the 1970s, ads on your page can be interactive, unique to that consumer, and/or use video and sound. And no one knew how many people picked up a magazine and looked at the ad in the past; today they do, so you make money based on your personal success.

And you decide on the sort of ad you want: video, text,  image, text and image, link ads, and more. Additionally, you decide where you want the ad placed and how many ads you want. You can also use custom search ads. Custom search ads are great because they can be uniquely curtailed to your website and the individual consumer. The consumer sees ads based on their unique searches (Google knows everything!), and the ads can be adapted to match the style and vibe of your site.

Should You Do It? Why or Why Not?

Money is always a good thing, right? Well, maybe. Doing Google AdSense sounds like a brilliant way to make more money, but that may not be true in every case.

For instance, a young man sells a product on his site. He also uses a blog as a means to advertise his product, and he decides it might be a good idea to do ads on his blog. Now his blog readers get conflicting messages. Even though the products being pushed in the ads on the page aren’t in direct competition with his product, they’re similar, and consumers won’t know what to buy. This may not be a profitable business idea.

Additionally, some people are bogged down by ads, and your audience may not appreciate it if you place ads on your site.

On the other hand, many people are used to seeing ads online everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. It may not bother them, especially if they find the ads relevant. The best way to know if it is a good idea or not is to do your research. Find out how ads affect your audience and how many ads are acceptable to your audience.

One good rule is to never have more ads than web content. Sites full of ads feel spammy and annoying. Google AdSense is often a smart idea for blogs and forums.

Maximizing your profits

So, you want an ad. Now what? How do you encourage clicks and views?

  • Have a popular website. The more people come to visit your site, the more interactions you will receive. There are lots of ways to get more views on your site, but one of the best is to create excellent content. Use proximity, relevance, out of the ordinary, impact, prominence, oddity, and conflict to arouse interest. Also, use good writing. (Here are a few tips from us on good writing.)
  • Do your research! Use different sizes and sorts of ads to see which bring the most profit to your company.
  • Keep creating great content. If you have a website that encourages consumers to keep coming back, they will keep seeing new ads.
  • Ask visitors to turn off ad blockers.
  • DON’T click on the ad yourself or ask friends to. Google will find out, and you will not be allowed to use AdSense anymore.

Ready to be rich? With Google AdSense, the money you make depends on the amount people bid. People bid for your ad space in real time, and space goes to the highest bidder. On average, though, you can expect anywhere from fifteen cents to five dollars per ad click. You might get around a dollar for CPM (cost per thousand). How much you’ll make varies according to the popularity of your site and how often people choose to view the ad.

In Summary

While it was pretty great to get paid for an ad in your company magazine back in the day, using Google AdSense on your website takes it to a whole new level, where the ads can be unique, curtailed to the client, and super entertaining. Remember:

  • Google AdSense works better for some sites than for others.
  • Experiment and do your research to discover which ads work best for you.
  • Have a popular site that has consumers coming back for more.

And it just might allow your website to make you the income you always wanted.

Have you found success with Google AdSense? Do you have other questions on how to use it? Please let us know in the comments below.

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