Announcing PDF Invoices

If you run a membership site, chances are you’ve gotten requests for PDF invoices at some point in time. Today we’re announcing our new PDF Invoices add-on which will allow your customers to download a PDF Invoice of every transaction that has been recorded on your site — themselves!

The last decade has introduced many new regulations for online businesses. You might be familiar with (or inconvenienced by) a few. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), for instance, changed the way many online businesses communicate with their customers.

These regulations caused a wild scramble over everything from email list permissions to cookies — we all remember the mountain of compliance emails that filled our email inboxes in preparation!

Keeping track of records and offering your customers easier ways to do the same are essential as we continue to navigate the relatively new world of membership sites. With that in mind, we’re happy to introduce PDF Invoices.

Make Compliance Easier for Your Customers With PDF Invoices

As regulations adapt and cover more ground, your business could become liable to a variety of corporate, local, and international laws by failing to provide customers with PDF invoices. Customers also use invoices for their own records and appreciate easy access to them. 

While we already offered email receipts for transactions, this method fell short of required documentation in many situations. PDF invoices were the only logical next step.

Keep Branding Consistent

PDF invoices can also create a seamless branded experience, and that's a huge boon when consistency is the best way to grow your business. The more accessible and customized you make your buying experience, the more likely customers are to return and buy again.

Nothing makes a business stand out like a professional presentation and ease-of-use, especially when so many of us rely on gaining trust as quickly as possible. Our new PDF Invoices offer you another tool in your arsenal for achieving just that. 

Skip the Hard Part 

PDF invoices can be hard to create from scratch if you have no design or technical experience. With our templates, you don't need to worry about the hard parts — just fill in the blanks. MemberPress is dedicated to making your job easier and giving you more time to focus on growth. 

Our PDF Invoices add-on simplifies the process for your customers, eliminating the need to craft and upload invoices in a separate program. Having set customer invoices will improve the quality of your customer journey and help with compliance issues your customers may face. 

Two Attractive Designs to Choose From

With our Modern template, you can show off a clean, functional design with all the information your customers need available at a glance. The Simple template gives you a more streamlined, quick approach to invoicing. 

Simple-to-Use Dashboard

Your customers can keep everything neat with their payments page. All invoices are stored and available there for download. 

The new PDF invoices add-on gives you many easy-to-manage options: 

  • Pick between Modern and Simple templates
  • Upload your logo and customize colors to match your branding
  • Add footnotes
  • Break down purchases and services rendered

It's the little things that count! MemberPress is always focused on creating a professional experience that will make your job easier. We hope you enjoy this new feature and the way it helps you keep your membership site compliant and your members happy.

Have any questions about our new PDF invoices? Want to suggest more features that would make MemberPress even easier to use? Comment below!

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    July 1, 2020

    Hi there, How do I edit the standard PDF invoice design? I can't see any settings for the add on once i have downloaded it. Thanks! Sarah

      Paul C

      July 2, 2020

      Hi Sarah, the settings will appear in the "Info" tab of the MemberPress > Settings page after you've installed and activated the add-on.