How to Build a Membership App for Your Site Using VidApp

As a membership business owner, you may have thought about expanding your MemberPress membership site across smartphones and connected TVs at one time or another. Still, we've probably heard all the app development horror stories.

Trying to build a membership app can be costly, time-consuming, and risky. Not only that, once you've developed your app, it needs constant updates and maintenance. That's because Apple and Google are always releasing regular software updates and new handset models that can instantly stop an app from working.

It's a lot to deal with, especially when you aren't the most tech-savvy individual.

Creating a good quality app would generally cost $25k-$100k upfront and then 30% of the upfront cost again each year just to maintain it. And don't forget about the high hourly rates for any new functionality and upgrades you'd like to make. This price simply isn't feasible for your typical small business owner.

This is where VidApp comes in! Vidapp is an awesome tool that assists you in publishing your membership site and content as your own iPhone, Android, Roku, or Apple TV app. And the best part? It won't cost you thousands of dollars to create.

What's different about VidApp?

Other app builders exist but don't have the specialized functionality needed for a video course or membership site. VidApp has been developing and launching apps specifically designed for selling or delivering video since 2012. And it now works with some of the biggest names in the yoga, fitness, and wellness space.

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Rather than a high upfront cost and hourly rates, VidApp has pre-developed templates and functionality which they can set up for you at a low cost. They then handle all the technical support and code updates based on how many app users you have.

Vidapp's prices are designed to scale with you. They work with clients having anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of members. 

What are the benefits of using VidApp?

Membership apps built with VidApp can be customized and branded to create a unique look and feel. They're also integrated with your current WordPress site and MemberPress membership plugin to create a seamless web-to-mobile experience for users.

The most significant benefits of launching your own mobile app are:

  1. Increased revenue – The app stores are a $180 billion+ marketplace, and app users are 30% more likely than website users to sign up for a free trial. 
  2. Increased engagement – Stay top of mind every time your members look at their smartphone, plus offer offline viewing and a simplified user experience. 
  3. Decreased churn – Mobile apps can reduce membership/subscriber churn by as much as 30%! 

Members will also benefit from using your app:

  • Mobile Push Notifications – They stay up to date, and you stay top of mind, at all times.
  • Offline Access – Unlike websites, native apps can support secure downloads for offline viewing, so your members can watch your videos offline (without being able to copy and share the files).
  • Easy and Convenient – Users get a simplified experience anywhere, anytime, both on IOS and Android.

How does VidApp Work?

VidApp has a team of experts who guide you through the app-building process from start to finish. Their designs and specialty integrations make the process a piece of cake!

Step 1: Discovery Call  – VidApp will do a quick call with you to understand your current membership site and discuss the best app design and functionality.

Step 2: Integrate and Sync – The team will integrate with your WordPress site, plugins, and everything they need to sync your content into their VidApp Builder.

Step 3: Design and Build – The team will then get to work setting up and building your app for you inside the VidApp Builder, making it easy and fast! 

Step 4: Launch and Manage – Once they've finished, your apps will be published successfully into the App Stores, and VidApp will handle all the technical heavy lifting with app user technical support and code updates. You're able to make content and design updates to your app any time via the VidApp Builder.

Following these steps, your membership site's video app will be launched in no time!


The world has truly gone mobile, and your members are demanding a better mobile experience. It's time to give them one. Get in touch with the VidApp team today to get started building an app for your membership program!

Have you ever considered building an app for your online business? Are you familiar with VidApp? Share with us in the comments.

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