How to Create a Conversion-Worthy Contact Page for Your Membership Site

You’ve created a brilliant landing page, spent tons of time building great content for your members, and now you’re down to the easy part: the contact page. While the contact page may be simple, it doesn’t mean it’s not important. A good contact page can lead to member conversions. So creating something generic without forethought may not be the way to go.

Here are a few tips for creating a conversion-worthy contact page:

1. Always include a contact form.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a contact page is to forgo a call-to-action. Some websites list only email, address, and phone information without providing a way for those visiting the site to make direct contact. Be sure to include a contact form where someone can reach you immediately. Having a contact form that’s super user-friendly (fast and easy) increases the chances that visitors to your site will want to reach out to you. 

What should a contact form look like? Some websites ask for twenty or thirty pieces of information, but this can be discouraging for visitors. Keep it short and basic. You don’t need to get all their information right away, just enough to be able to connect with them and generate interest.

You can include multiple types of forms or selection options, but remember, the more complicated, the more likely visitors are to give up and move on. You can also include a “chat now” box if you have someone ready to help right away. This is an excellent resource because it allows site visitors to not only contact you immediately but receive the response they’re looking for right away. 

2. Stay true to your brand. 

Yes, it’s just a contact page. But if you’re selling content on silly-toy making with a humorous tone, and your contact page is a basic form with your contact info listed, you’ve missed an opportunity. You could have included an image of a rainbow bunny or a brief, funny sentence encouraging visitors to contact you. 

The point is that even though it’s “just” a contact page, you don’t ever want to stray from your brand. For instance, on Chick-Fil-A’s site, they say, “We’re listening. How can we help you today?”

Positive customer service is key to their brand, and that simple statement emphasizes how much they care. Another great example is the image of flying cartoon creatures shown on Disney Resort’s page, which reminds you of the magic of Disney.

Just a slight nod to your brand and you’ve reminded others of who you are. This makes your brand ever more appealing and continues to increase the chances that people will want to sign up for your page. 

3. Make sure you provide accurate information.

This is obvious, but business owners sometimes move so quickly through the creation of their contact page they miswrite their phone number, email, or address.

Imagine if the local pizza joint got all your customers’ calls. Or what if an individual tried sending an email requesting more information regarding your membership site, and it ended up going to no one? Instead of getting conversions, you’ve missed a chance to sell. Also, you’ve just taught visitors how unprofessional you are because you can’t even get your own number right. So check and recheck, and make sure all the information is right.

In addition, remember to do these things: Update information as it changes; send an email to yourself to make sure it doesn’t end up in your spam box; verify that your emails aren’t ending up in trash or spam; and always remember—hackers are real.

It’s never a bad idea to call yourself via the link provided on your site to check and make sure the calls aren’t being redirected to a suspicious source. These little things may seem self-explanatory, but you can’t get conversions if interested consumers can’t contact you.

4. Keep the page simple. 

Not only should you keep the contact form simple, you should keep the whole page simple. People want to get a hold of you immediately or look up ways to get a hold of you. That’s their purpose in going to the page. They should be able to find what they're looking for almost immediately.

Staying on brand doesn’t mean overdoing it. Limit any body copy to a few sentences or less. Avoid tons of illustrations or confusing web designs. This will help visitors navigate easily to what’s most important: contacting you. 

So, yes, you’re right. A contact page is simple. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it isn’t easy to get wrong. Follow these steps and create a conversion-worthy contact page.

And don’t forget—getting people to contact you is only the first step. Responding promptly, politely, and with clear answers to their questions is a good way to ensure you’ll snag a few new customers.


  • A contact form is one of the most essential pieces of a contact page, yet it’s frequently overlooked. 
  • Just because it’s a contact page doesn’t give you an excuse to stray from your brand. 
  • Make sure the contact information you’ve provided remains accurate and you’re accessible. 
  • Simplicity is key. Add a little brand flavor, but don’t overdo it on info given. 

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