How to Embed Videos on Your Membership Site

One way to build engagement on your membership site and to keep visitors on your site for a more extended period of time is by adding videos to your online business' website!

But how do you go about adding videos to your membership site?

Thankfully, embedding videos isn't as difficult as you think! In this post, we will explain how to embed videos on your WordPress membership website!

How To Embed A Video In A Website Page or Blog Post

The great thing about WordPress is that is has a neat feature that allows your videos to be embedded automatically in your blog post. Thanks to the “auto-embed” feature, users don't have to worry about finding and adding the embed code for their websites!

As you are writing or editing your post or page, find the place within your post or page that you'd like to add the video and copy and paste the video URL. WordPress' “auto-embed” feature will capture that video's embed code and embed the video for you right in front of your eyes!

You can even edit the width and alignment of the video in WordPress editor, as well as add captions to the video!

Keep in Mind: This feature ONLY works with allow-listed video services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Hulu, and more. For a video service that isn't allow-listed, you'll have to manually embed the video's code into your post or page.

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How To Embed A Video In A Page's Sidebar

Embedding a video in your membership site's sidebar may seem complicated, but it's a lot easier than you think!

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance >> Widgets. You will then find the sidebar area where you want your video to appear. Drag the “Text” widget to the sidebar area of your choice and paste the URL of your video in the content section. Just as it did in the blog post, WordPress will automatically embed the video in your sidebar.

WordPress will also generate a preview of how the video will look in your sidebar so you can see it before it goes live!

If you're happy with the way your video looks, click “Save” and you're all set!

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, embedding a video in your membership site's blog post, page, or sidebar is not nearly as difficult as it may seem, especially with WordPress' “auto-embed” feature. This feature also works if you are still using the WordPress Classic Editor, so you do not have to worry about any embed codes either! The only difference in Classic Editor is that you can't make any significant adjustments to the post like you would if you were using the Gutenberg editor.

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