Marketing Tools and Services to Promote Your Membership Site

If you want to give your marketing efforts an upgrade for 2018 or you’re not quite sure how to start marketing your site, this collection of marketing tools and service to promote your membership site will provide you with plenty of great options.

While you might be able to find longer lists elsewhere, this collection of marketing tools and services will try to avoid overwhelming you with too many options and instead, recommend a more manageable list of potential ways you can effectively promote your website.

Promote Your Membership Site with these Marketing Tools and Services

By mastering just a few of these tools, at least in the beginning, you should start seeing better results from your marketing efforts. Once you have some of these tools and services working for you, you can then come back and add a few more to your toolkit.

So let’s get started with our collection of the best marketing tools and services for promoting your membership site online.

Get Content Ideas with BuzzSumo

Content marketing is a proven way to bring more traffic to your website. However, if you’re not sure what to write about on your blog to attract new clients, or you’re stuck for ideas when trying to create new content for your members, BuzzSumo could help.




Simply enter a topic or keyword that’s relevant to your project into the search box to reveal the best content on that subject from around the web. From there, you can browse the results for more inspiration, find out who has been Tweeting that content and look for questions that your target audience has been asking.

If you’re ever short of content creation ideas, BuzzSumo is a great marketing tool and resource. You can try BuzzSumo without signing up.

Automate Social Sharing with Buffer

Each time you publish a new piece of content on your blog, you should share it on social media. We all know that, but how often do we do it for each social network we’re active on? And if you’re a regular social sharer, how frequently do you go back to older posts and re-promote them online?




If you struggle with social media marketing or you want to reduce the amount of time you spend promoting your content on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then a tool like Buffer makes it easy to complete these essential tasks.


Buffer Queue


Simply spend a few minutes a day adding content to your account and Buffer will share those items at the times when your followers are most active. As well as getting stats on how users interacted with your content on social media, you can also instantly add previously shared items to the back of the queue for further promotion online. The free Buffer plan is a great way to get started with social media marketing automation.

Use Twitter Like a Pro

The more Twitter you followers you get, the more chance you’ll have of getting traffic from this top-tier social network. However, as your popularity on Twitter grows, the harder your account becomes to manage. That is if you’re using the default Twitter user interface.




By logging into the free version of TweetDeck, you can start engaging with Twitter through a much more user-friendly interface. Now, by using columns you can view multiple Twitter feeds on one screen.  Each column can be configured to display Tweets and Twitter content based on a range of criteria, including mentions, hashtags, and specific users.  With TweetDeck, you need never miss an opportunity to make a connection or promote your content on Twitter again.


If your Twitter activities still aren’t giving you a good return on your time investment, then a tool like Followerwonk should be able to help you find more relevant people to follow and share content with.




Through the limited free plan, you can use the powerful Followerwonk search bios tool to find users with a connection to your field of interest. Simply enter a keyword and then start creating a list of Twitter users who might be interested in your content. Then either follow or mention them when Tweeting relevant content.

Answer Questions on Quora

Effective membership site marketing often involves helping your targeting audience. However, it’s hard to be helpful when no one’s visiting your website.  This means that you’ll need to go out and find your audience and help them where they’re active.




If you’re running a membership site on a particular topic, then you’re probably an expert on that subject. Or you at least know more about it than the average person. So share some of that knowledge, and do a bit of self-promotion at the same time, by joining a free site like Quora and help your potential members by answering the questions they’re asking.


Quora Profile


If all goes well, you’ll become a recognized name in your field and some of those kudos will cause other users to follow your profile link back to your website. This then gives you an opportunity to turn free website visitors into paid members.




Quora isn’t the only online question and answer website so be sure to seek out the one that’s the best place to share your knowledge. Whether you choose to answer questions or just use these services for inspiration for your next blog post article or membership content, these sites can be very helpful.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this collection of useful marketing tools and service will give you some ideas and assistance when it comes to promoting your membership site. Also, by integrating your membership site with other services, such as Google Analytics and Churn Buster, you can start gathering data about your website and its audience to help you promote and optimize it more effectively online.

Which marketing tools and services will you use to promote your membership site online?

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