Membership Multiplicity – When One User Can Have Multiple Memberships

Membership sites typically feature a set of membership levels. Users choose and sign up for one level, then if they decide to change levels, they simply upgrade or downgrade to another one.

But how would you like it if your WordPress membership site members could sign up for as many paid subscriptions or courses as they'd like to? That would be pretty awesome, right?

Surprising as it is, the vast majority of membership plugins don't let you do this. However, with MemberPress you get this capability right out of the box.

MemberPress stands apart from other WordPress membership plugins for many reasons, but allowing members to create as many subscriptions as they wish is certainly one of the most powerful.

Not Limited by WordPress Roles

Most other membership plugins are tied to WordPress roles. This means that each user can only have one subscription at a time because each user in WordPress can only have one role at a time.

But MemberPress is different. It tracks subscriptions independently from WordPress roles, which enables your users to be subscribed to an unlimited number of subscriptions simultaneously and to set up numerous upgrade paths.

What's great is that MemberPress does also integrate with WordPress capabilities, which allows you or a developer to customize page templates, themes, and other plugins based on your members' active subscriptions.

The brilliant part of this setup is that unlike other plugins, MemberPress has been architected from the ground up to allow your members to create, maintain, and modify unlimited subscriptions.

Super Flexible

And even better, not only is MemberPress' admin interface specifically tuned for multiple subscriptions, but it has a self-service member account page that also allows your members to create, update, upgrade, or cancel any number of subscriptions.

This feature gives you the flexibility to:

  1. Create “bolt on” subscriptions to give your members premium access to different types of premium content
  2. Create multiple, completely different product lines, each with their own upgrade paths
  3. Allow your members to subscribe to the same membership product multiple times (this is especially valuable if you're selling membership licenses)
  4. Create a catalog of individual membership products which can be subscribed to multiple times

MemberPress also makes it easy to keep things simple – with one upgrade path. But the usefulness and power of being able to allow members to create a multiplicity of subscriptions should be fairly obvious, even if you don't need this capability right now.

The truth is that this feature will most likely become critical as your business grows and you want to explore new ways to enhance your WordPress membership site.

Don't have MemberPress yet? Get started today!

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