Everything You Need to Know About Membership Sites - Blog- Part 95

how to use memberpress

Save Time with Centralized Membership Access Control

One of the features that sets MemberPress apart from other WordPress membership plugins is the ability to centralize all access control on your membership site. Many other membership plugins tie the access control directly to pages, posts, or other types of content. So, once you get a large amount of content, you can quickly lose…

Stripe has expanded into more countries

Stripe is the best Credit Card gateway in so many ways … and so their announcement (that they’re now available in additional countries) is fantastic news for international merchants! … And because MemberPress supports Stripe, our international customers now have Stripe as an awesome payment option. Here’s a summary of all the countries that Stripe is now available…

how to use memberpress

The MemberPress AWS Add-On version 1.1

Today we released the 1.1 version of the MemberPress AWS Add-On. The MemberPress AWS Add-On gives you the ability to: Host private files on Amazon S3 Provide expiring links to registered members with access to individual files Embed Video and Audio files on your WordPress pages & posts using the open source Media Element Player…

how to use memberpress

Add On #1: The MemberPress Importer

Over the last few weeks we’ve received a number of feature requests … and the number one thing that people requested was a way to import existing users, products, transactions, subscriptions, coupons and rules into MemberPress. We listened! Today we launched our first add-on for MemberPress — the MemberPress Importer. The MemberPress Importer takes in CSV files as input and…

how to use memberpress

MemberPress the WordPress Membership Plugin

Here at Caseproof, we’d like to introduce MemberPress—a powerful WordPress plugin that will allow you to charge users for access to your site. MemberPress will give you the ability to confidently create, manage and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. In addition to these powerful abilities, MemberPress will allow you to grant and revoke access to posts, pages, categories,…

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