The Basics of Conversion-Worthy Membership Renewal Reminders

When you have a membership business, you are so worried about making sure that you gain new members, that it can sometimes be easy to forget that you need to make sure that you can retain your members, too! This starts with making sure you have your building blocks in place for successful membership renewal emails.

How Many Emails Should Be In Your Renewal Email Marketing Campaigns?

The number of emails to include in your renewal email campaign may vary, depending on the type of membership site you build and what works in your business. However, it is always important that you have at least the following automated emails in your arsenal:

  1. Expiring Soon Email – This is the first email that you should send your members. This email lets them know that their membership renewal date is coming up.
  2. Renewal Email – This email can be sent the day of or day before the members' subscription ends. Remind them that they have just a few hours to renew their email.
  3. Membership Expired – This email lets your members know that their membership has officially lapsed and encourage them to join your membership again.
  4. Follow-Up Email – Lastly, send one last email to check in on your lapsed member, in case they missed a previous email or simply forgot to renew. This email can be sent anytime between a week to even a month after the lapsed membership.

What To Include In The Renewal Email


Your membership renewal reminder email needs to be personal! Make your members feel as if you are personally sending them an email, discussing their membership with them.

This email should discuss how you appreciate their membership, what your membership business accomplished in the past year, and how your online business is committed to making sure that their support is not taken for granted.


When your members get a renewal letter in the mail, one of the first things that comes to mind is, “How did this membership benefit me?” Be sure to lay out all of the benefits and advantages of your membership in membership renewal reminder email also.

Clear Subject

There's nothing worse than getting an email that has a vague email subject. If you want your email marketing efforts to pay off, you need to make sure that that subject line will make your customers click and read! Make your subject short, sweet, and to the point. You don't have to have a dry subject like, “Your Membership Canceled.” Instead, go for something short, yet still pleasant, like “Renew Your Membership with us Today!” Never underestimate how the wrong email subject can negatively impact open rates.

Renewal & Contact Information

Before you click “send” on your membership renewal letters, be sure that your members have a way to renew their membership on your website easily. Never make renewing difficult for the customer! Also, be sure to include a contact email or support number in case they do need help renewing.

How MemberPress Can Help

Thankfully, MemberPress has a Reminders option built-in so you can automate your processes. In this area, you can create all of your membership renewal emails, set triggers that send emails when your members perform a specific action, specify individual emails that will go to certain membership levels, and even set a trigger to remind members when their credit/debit cards expire! You can learn more about how to set up renewal reminders in MemberPress in our support docs.

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