Work Smarter in 2015: Start a Membership Site

Happy New Year from the entire Memberpress, Easy Affiliate, and Pretty Link team! We hope that you're riled up and ready to rock out 2015.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like 2014 just whizzed right by me in a frenzy of to-do lists, blog posts, project launches, campaigns, events, etc.

One of my resolutions this year is not to work harder, but rather to work smarter. I’m looking for ways to reduce the quantity of hours I work by increasing the quality of the services I’m offering and rethinking the way I work. I want to use the amazing digital tools and software at my disposal to monetize on the great content I’m always cranking out, generate some slightly-less-active income, and free up some time in my schedule to actually be present for the moments that matter this year. Because grinding away on my laptop from 8am to 6pm everyday is soooooo last year.

If you’re producing high-impact quality content such as articles, books, videos, podcasts, courses, or anything along those lines, you know how much work and time premium content can take. And as much as I love filling up my content bank, it would be great to see some ROI on all the man hours I’ve poured into creating these goodies. This is where creating a Membership site can help me work smarter.

There are so many positive things you can do with a membership site. The first is to start making some money from the content you're already producing. How, you ask? Well, enhancing re-purposed content from your blog and protecting it using a WordPress membership plugin like MemberPress is a really frictionless way to get started. Think of this approach as utilizing your low-hanging fruit. It's already there … not making any money. Why not install a membership plugin, beef it up a bit, and start charging actual money for it?

A second positive result of getting started with a membership site is since you'll be making some money at it (even if it's just a little), you'll have more time to devote to developing more free and premium content. This can turn into a great positive feedback loop: the more money you make, the better your content gets, the better your content gets the more your business grows and the more your business grows, the more money you make. Pretty awesome eh?

A third benefit (which is kind of a hidden benefit) is that your readers will respect you more. One of the problems with providing free content to folks is that sometimes they tend to devalue the time it took you to create it. Putting up a premium section of your website can completely flip that way of thinking, even if you aren't charging very much money for your premium content. As long as your readers are paying for (or even know you charge for some of your content) they will respect you more and value the effort you put into creating great content, whether it be premium or free.

These are only a few examples! The possibilities are really endless when you start a membership site, If you’re looking to work smarter this year, we invite you to consider the benefits of starting a membership site.

For 2015, I resolve to do more with less, to build a niche community, to deliver quality over quantity, and to find more time to just be happy. What are your resolutions?

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