MemberPress Courses


MemberPress is Now a
WordPress Membership and LMS plugin!


Have you been dreaming of selling online digital courses but think it would be too hard? Then you’re going to love MemberPress with our powerful, new Courses Add-On.

Now, you get all the ease of use you expect from MemberPress combined with powerful LMS features designed to make building online courses super simple. The add-on takes all that complexity and boils it down to a basic, click-and-go process.

  • A full-featured WordPress LMS
  • Included with MemberPress — no need to purchase an additional, expensive LMS plugin
  • Every feature is built right in — no separate activation required
  • No complex coding required
  • No need to fiddle around with pages, sub-pages, and custom post types
  • Fully visual drag-and-drop builder
  • Protect content with MemberPress access rules
  • Track learners’ progress
  • Build subscriptions with a robust sales feature
  • Advanced options for power users

Start making money selling online courses with MemberPress today!