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Choosing Your Gateway(s)

Which Gateway Should I Choose?

Choosing the right gateway can sometimes be a daunting task. Really, it comes down to what you want to accomplish and what you need for your individual situation. You may need to ask yourself a few questions to find the right fit. To help you in that process, we recommend that you use the flow chart below. After you've decided which gateway(s) will work best for you, please go to the bottom of this page where you'll find links to your desired gateway(s) to learn how to set them up.

NOTE: MemberPress can support any and all of these gateways on your site at the same time. So if, for example, you want to be able to accept both cash and credit cards, you can select two separate gateways. MemberPress also gives you the ability to customize which gateways are available for which memberships. This list doesn't suggest that you can only have one payment gateway.

Pros and Cons of Each Payment Gateway

If you're still stuck as to which gateway will best fit your needs, then please refer to the following lists.



  • Accept cash or other payment forms
  • No processing fees
  • Give users access manually when you physically receive the payment
  • No SSL/TLS certificate needed


  • More work for you to manage payments offline


Note: Stripe's terms of service requires seperate accounts for different businesses. If you are using MemberPress on multiple sites, but you only have one Stripe account, you  must use Stripe Elements. Stripe Checkout DOES NOT support multiple sites.


  • Users never have to leave the site to enter credit card info
  • Flat rate charges with fewer surprise fees


  • Requires that you have an SSL/TLS certificate

PayPal Commerce


  • More Secure then PayPal Standard
  • Easy, Automatic Setup
  • Uses the Latest PayPal Technology
  • Better Tax Reporting to PayPal
  • More Checkout options then PayPal Standard


PayPal Standard

Note: PayPal Commerce is the preferred way to connect with PayPal. You should only use PayPal standard if PayPal Commerce is not available or does not work for you.


  • Advanced mode will allow full subscription management without the hassle of setting up Digital Goods for Express Checkout
  • Users can pay for one-time memberships with a credit card and are not required to have a PayPal account
  • No SSL/TLS certificate needed


  • It takes a bit longer for users to be returned to your site
  • Users still need to leave your site to process recurring membership


  • Accepted in many countries
  • User stays on site to purchase


  • Requires that you have an SSL/TLS certificate
  • Can be a bit more difficult to setup/register than Stripe
  • Only available in Developer edition of MemberPress
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