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What this video covers:

Navigate to MemberPress in your WordPress dashboard and select Memberships to get started with these.

Creating a Membership

Creating a Membership in MemberPress is very similar to creating a Page or Post in WordPress -- in fact the Memberships are shown on your site as pages. To setup a Membership do the following.

  1. Set a Title for the Membership (Example: Basic Membership).
  2. Set a price and subscription term for the Membership. You can select One-Time payment that is for lifetime access or that expires after a custom number of days, weeks, months, years, or on a fixed date. You can also enable Recurring subscriptions that bill Weekly, Monthly (with the option of every 3 or 6 Months), Yearly, or a custom interval (any custom interval of days or weeks). As a simple example, say you chose recurring subscription every Month. This would mean that your members will be charged the amount of the Membership every month.
  3. (Optional) Set a Trial Period on the Membership. Setting a trial period is a great way to let your members demo the Membership for a few days before they purchase. You can choose to set the trial as free or discounted in price. You can even check the, "Allow Only One Trial," option to make it so users can only have access to the trial period of this membership once. Trial must be entered according to days, but if the number entered is a multiple of 7 it will show up as weeks, multiples of 30 will show up as months and multiples of 365 will show up as years. NOTE: if the number is greater than 14 and is not divisible by either 7, 30, or 365 there is a chance of having issues with your payment gateway processing the transaction correctly.
  4. Add some text/images to the body of the Membership. This is where you'll try to advertise the key benefits of your Membership and sell it to the customer. The Memberships show up on the front end like regular WordPress pages, so feel free to get creative with your Membership page layout, content, and design.
  5. Set who can purchase the Membership. "Everyone", means everyone including guests and logged in members can purchase the Membership. "Guests" means only non-registered members can purchase. And finally "Members" who have purchased ... You can use this last option to prevent members from buying a Membership until they have first bought some other Membership.
  6. Lastly configure the Group Page Pricing Box Display. As you make changes to the display options, you can get a feel for how it will appear in the Preview box. Head to our Groups section of this user manual for a more in depth explanation of groups.

Custom Page Template

  • You can pull in any page template available in your theme to use on your Memberships. If unchecked it will use the standard page template in your theme.

Membership Options:

(located at the bottom of the Membership page you are working on)

  • Choose what you want the Registration Button to say, it defaults to "Sign Up".
  • You can specify a custom thank you message.
  • You can send Membership specific welcome emails to the users.  It works just like the emails in the options and you can insert numerous variables into the template. NOTE: If you have a custom welcome email set here, then the default welcome email you have set in your Options > Emails of MemberPress will NOT be sent to users of this membership.
  • You can customize which payment options are available to each Membership and the order in which they'll show. You can drag-and-drop any of the gateways to be in the order you want. The one on the top of your list will be preselected option for your users.
  • And lastly, you can customize any user information fields that you have previously entered in your Fields tab of the MemberPress Options and selected to show at registration. Selected items will show on the membership specific registration form and those not selected will not appear.
  • You can allow users to create multiple, active subscriptions to the Membership. NOTE: This feature cannot be enabled when you have a one-time membership that expires and allows for renewals.
  • You can select who can purchase the Membership: everyone, guests (people who aren't logged in), members (who have purchased nothing, anything, or some other specific Membership), or no one (effectively disabling the membership registration form for everyone).  You can set up as many rules you want.
  • No Permissions Message - Customizable message that can be used to show a custom message to users when they attempt to purchase a membership they don't have access to based on your permissions. The message set will display either when the user (1) is blocked by permissions or, (2) has already purchased the membership. For number two, the Membership Access URL can be used to modify the message to "You've already subscribed to this item, click here to access it," where the underlined section will become a link to that membership's access URL you have set.
Price Box:
  • Here you can configure what the price box will look like on the group page. For more info on this along with some helpful tips, please check out the Groups page of our User Manual.
  • You can specify Membership access URLs.  This specifies the content that users now have access to once they have created an account. They can view these on their account page under the subscription tabs. Kind of like a table of contents for someone who has purchased some sort of member ship from you.
  • Registration Pricing terms - This allows you to edit how the terms appear on your signup page.  Your options are: Default, Hidden, or Custom. Default will leave it exactly how it is outlined in your membership terms (example could be $40 for 2 weeks then $80/Month). Hidden will hide the terms altogether from the page, and Custom will reveal a text box where you can enter any custom terms (example could be "Two weeks half off, then $80 a Month").
  • Custom Login Redirect URLs - This option overrides any value set up in the options. You specify specific URLs that people will be redirected to on different logins. This is a great option if there are up-sell opportunities to your users or other various offers.

Membership Shortcodes

- when clicked, you can see the shortcodes associated with the Membership:

  1. Membership link shortcode - paste on any page in the site and it will generate a link to this registration page
  2. Membership Registration form shortcode - only to be used on the current page for the Membership. It place the signup form wherever you want it on the page.
  3. Membership ID shortcode - this can be pasted on any page of the site to have the signup form appear on that page.