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MemberPress Glossary

On this page is a list of terms as we define them in MemberPress. Some terms are linked to take you to additional documentation as many terms are explained on other pages. For example, if you are looking to understand a term related to a Group in MemberPress, use the Group(s) term's link below.

Please use Ctrl + F or command+F to search for terms.

If there is a term you would like to be defined that is not on this page, please let us know!

MemberPress Terms

Term Definition
License Key Grants access to our plugin updates and customer support and admin functions. Your License Key is connected to and remains active based on your subscription at Learn more about what happens if your license key expires
User WordPress User account that is used to login to your site. 
Member Same exact thing as a User, just a MemberPress term. 
Guest A person visiting your site who is not logged in, usually it is assumed that they have not created a user profile yet. 
Membership The package that users will sign up for. Used to define how much users will pay over what period of time. Has various other options connected to it for a customizable user experience.
Permission Membership Option that controls who can purchase your membership.
Pricing Term What the user will pay for their membership subscription and over what period of time. 

Financial portion of the membership which houses and manages the billing, cost, and interval of a membership. Can be understood as an umbrella or case for transactions. One user can have multiple subscriptions to either the same membership or different memberships. A single payment may be referred to as a non-recurring or one-time payment subscription.
Subscription Status Can be Active or Inactive. A subscription is Active when there is a completed, non-refunded, non-expired transaction. A subscription is Inactive when that is not present.
Cancel All future billings are stopped. The user must register again to renew their subscription. Only automatically recurring subscriptions can be cancelled. 
Pause/Resume When a subscription is paused, all future billings are stopped until the user resumes again. Only automatically recurring subscriptions can be paused/resumed. 
Transaction The bill or invoice that users pay during registration or as part of their continued subscription to get access to your site. Can be connected to a subscription or be a single one-time payment. 
Group(s) A group of Memberships that are connected either for upgrade/downgrade purposes, or for the creation of a group pricing page. 
Rule(s) Access conditions that grant access to the content they are set to protect based on the active status of a user's Membership OR based on the user who is viewing the content. 
PayWall Specifies the number of free page views of content an unauthorized guest or user will have before being shown your unauthorized message(s) and required to login or register. A free page view is anytime the user visits a page protected by a rule and can see it without being logged in or having an active Subscription. Configured in the General Tab of the Settings of MemberPress.
Coupon(s) A special code that can be used upon registration to grant a predetermined discount. Cannot be used in the middle of a recurring subscription.
Registration The process that a user follows to sign up for a Membership and purchase a Subscription or make a single payment.
(User Information) Fields Basic or custom fields that users are given the option to, or required to fill out during the registration process. Can be shown or hidden on both the registration page and the account page and set to be optional or required.
Account Page Lists all of the information connected to the MemberPress Member who is logged in to view the page. 
Payment Method(s) Also called Payment Gateway, this is the payment processor used to process your users's payments. Examples include Stripe, PayPal, and
Reminder(s) An email that is triggered before or after a specific event occurs with the option of sending it at the time the trigger occurs as well.
Email(s)  A set of emails you can send to users that are immediately triggered when a specific event occurs.
Addons A smaller plugin designed by MemberPress to create additional functionality. A full list of our supported addons can be found here.
Third Party Addon Same as above, only these are developed by someone outside of MemberPress and we do not provide customer or developmental support for. A full list of known third party plugins can be found here
Email Marketing Addons An addon designed by MemberPress to connect your membership site to your favorite email marketing system. A full list of our email marketing addons can be found here
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