Translating MemberPress

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There are a few plugins that you can use to manage your translations, but sometimes these types of plugins come with their own headaches. The way we prefer to translate plugins is by using the PoEdit tool.

New Translation
Update Existing Translation

New Translation using PoEdit

1. Open PoEdit

2. Browse to the wp-content/plugins/memberpress/i18n/memberpress.pot file and open it.


3. The translatable strings show in the list on the main body of the program. Select a string to translate, and at the bottom of the program use the "Translation:" text box to enter your new translation for that string.
Note: some strings have backslashes before quotes or characters like \" or \n or \' and some have wildcard characters like %s or %d. The backslashes and wildcards should be left in the translation strings as well.

4. When you're done translating the strings you want, click on File -> Save As. You'll need to save your file as "memberpress-{language_code}". So if your language code is "es_ES" (Spanish) your filename would be "memberpress-es_ES".


5. It saves two files; memberpress-es_ES.po and Both files need to be uploaded to your hosting server and placed in the .../wp-content/plugins/mepr-i18n/ folder. This folder is not erased when updating MemberPress, this ensures that your existing translation files will not be lost when you upgrade MemberPress.

6. Backup these files on your computer as they will be overwritten every time you update MemberPress.
Note: if you would like to submit your translation files to us, we can include them in future releases of MemberPress. Your translation would also benefit others using MemberPress in your language.

7. Set your site language appropriately in the Dashboard -> Settings -> General tab (see screenshot below).

Update Existing Translation Using PoEdit

1. Open your existing .po translation file. So if it was a Spanish translation you would open memberpress-es_ES.po.
2. Click on Catalogue -> Update from POT file.
3. Browse to the new .../memberpress/i18n/memberpress.pot file.
4. A window will pop-up showing you a list of new translatable strings and one's the were removed. Click on OK.
5. The translation strings list will update and you can now edit the new translatable strings.
6. When done translating, click on Save.
7. Upload the modified .po and .mo files back to your hosting server.