5 Powerful Ways to Gather Customer Feedback on Your Membership Site

You can't have a membership site without members, and you can't have a successful membership site without happy customers!

We already understand the power of tools like Google Analytics and how they can help you gain an understanding of your membership site customers, but sometimes it helps to get answers directly from your customers!

Hence, customer feedback! Collecting this feedback and considering the comments will not only help you to get to know your customers better, but it will also help you to improve your business!

Below are five great methods that you can use to collect customer feedback that is not only effective but beneficial to your online business!

1. Live Chat

Live chat has quickly become one of the most popular tools for online business owners when it comes to automation.

Live chat software can be used not only to collect feedback from your membership site customers, but they can also be used to engage your customers, continue the buyer's journey, and answer questions that your customers may have about your products or services.

Live chat can be implemented into your website pages or even on your company's social media pages to improve your customer service further!

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2. Social Media

Speaking of social media, another great way to get feedback on your membership site is through your social platforms!

Social monitoring and listening on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be invaluable for your business. By paying attention to social media, you can see what people are saying about your membership business, how often they are talking about your membership business, and whether or not your customers are seeking to engage and interact with your business on these platforms.

By using social media, you have another form of Live Chat, where you can monitor and talk with your current and potential customers in real time, which is always a plus for your business!

Several tools can help you implement social monitoring and listening, such as HootSuite, Social Mention, and more. However, if your budget cannot handle these tools, there's nothing wrong with good, old-fashioned research! Take some time to search for your membership site's name on these social platforms and see what users are saying!

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3. Feedback Forms/Surveys

Another good idea for collecting customer feedback is by creating custom surveys and forms for your membership site customers to fill out.

Customer surveys are great because they can be included in your website pages and posts without interfering with your site's design. These surveys do not have to be very long (around 1-3 questions is best), making it much easier for your customers to fill out, also making it more likely that they will fill out the form.

Using the forms, you are able to ask specific questions to your members and get the exact answers that you are looking for.

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4. Use Incentives

Another great way to collect feedback is by offering your customers incentives in exchange for their thoughts and opinions!

Typically customers don't usually send feedback until they have a negative experience. However, it's always lovely to hear the good things that are happening in your business! So offering rewards such as free products, subscription discounts, or entry into a giveaway will encourage your customers to participate and give you their opinions!

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5. Monitor Analytics

When you're deciding the best method to collect feedback, never forget about your website's analytics! Using analytic tools will help you to understand which pages are getting the most attention and conversions, and which ones aren't as attractive to customers.

If you have built your membership site using WordPress, then you can use a WordPress plugin like MonsterInsights to track your website activity. You can also monitor your web traffic in Google Analytics.

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Final Thoughts

Gathering feedback from customers on your membership site is a vital part of your business' success. We hope that this post will help you to get started towards correctly generating quality feedback to help you improve your membership business!

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