How To Plan Your eLearning Membership Site (7 Questions To Ask Yourself)

The beauty of having a membership site is that there are so many different ways to earn passive income and help new members grow & develop their skill sets.

One way you can do this is by starting an eLearning Membership Site! Virtual learning has become a huge deal in the past several years, and now people all over the world are teaching others skills of all types from the comfort of their own homes.

But the question is, how do you get started? What all is needed to plan and implement an eLearning Membership site? In this post, we’re going to help you get started using seven questions.

Why an eLearning Membership Site?

Creating an online learning membership site can be extremely beneficial for both you, the business owner AND your customers:

Benefits for You

  • You create a passive income stream for yourself
  • You set yourself apart as an expert or industry leader in your field
  • You can expand your service offerings within your eLearning business (one-on-one consultations, live vs. pre-recorded courses, forums, affiliate programs, and more)
  • You build brand loyalty and awareness

Benefits for Customers

  • They have access to a potentially more affordable means of online education
  • They can find a business or brand that they can trust and use as a resource
  • They can learn a new skill and use it further their careers and/or start a business of their own
  • They have the opportunity to network, interact, and gain knowledge from you and other members of the community.

7 Critical Questions to Ask When Planning Your eLearning Business

1. What Do You Want to Teach?

Before you start to do anything else for your online business idea, it’s important to make sure you know exactly what you want to teach people first! What are you most skilled in? What can you easily teach others to do? What are you passionate about? 

Remember, people are going to actively be engaging with and paying for your expertise. You want to make sure that you offer your potential membership site customers ultimate value so they will be able to trust you and want to continue to learn from you.

2. Who Do You Want to Teach?

The next question you, the successful eLearning online business owner should ask yourself is, who do you want to teach? Who is your ideal student? Knowing this information will help you better understand the type of content you’ll need to provide to your customers and how to approach them to invest in your business. 

Take some time to research and figure out who your ideal students are. For example, if you’ve chosen to center your eLearning business around helping members improve their writing skills, you want to make sure that your students are comprised of people who may love writing as a hobby, are professional writers, college students who may be looking for writing help, or business owners who would like to ramp up their content. 

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3. How Will Your Membership Model Be Set Up?

How your membership business is setup is important because it will determine how your students will interact with your learning materials and it can also determine how your subscription levels will be laid out.

Will your members have access to just one course at a time? After they subscribe, will your members have access to all the courses they want? Or, will your site have different levels where the number of supplemental materials change based on the customers’ subscription plan?

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4. What Type(s) Of Content Will You Provide?

In all successful membership sites, content is a key way to connect with customers, create leads, and build engagement. In your eLearning site, you’ll be tasked with deciding what content you should offer your customers that will benefit their learning experience most.

Depending on your students’ learning style, you have the option to offer content such as videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, and blog posts. The sky’s the limit, especially when it comes to your students.

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5. Will Your Subscriptions Be Recurring or One-Time?

With virtual learning websites, you do have the option to have a recurring subscription or you can have a member pay for courses one-by-one. 

Recurring subscriptions are the ideal for the goal of passive income, but what if you don’t yet have enough content prepared for a recurring monthly or annual subscription? That’s when a one-time subscription may be more effective for your business. In fact, many eLearning sites provide a mix of standalone course purchases and subscriptions.

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6. Will You Have Subscription Levels? If So, How Many?

Should you have subscription levels in your membership site? Or do you want to have a one-level offering? Offering members more than one subscription level to choose from gives your members more options, allows them to try out your site with a smaller investment before ramping up as their needs change, and allows you to increase cash flow.

The key to successfully implementing subscription levels is to remember that less is more. You don’t have to give your members ten different options – that’s overwhelming and annoying for your customers. Ideally, we’d recommend offering members no more than three or four subscription options to pick from.

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7. How Do You Plan To Market Your Online Business?

Last but not least, we can now discuss marketing options. Luckily, there are many different ways to market your online education business to both new and existing customers. 

We highly recommend that you sit down and create a sales blueprint, which is an outline of your marketing plans, goals, and strategies. This blueprint will include your plans for launching your business, social media strategy, email marketing, and dates for when these tasks should be completed and implemented.

Creating a layout of how you will promote your business beginning at the launch is important because it will help you set reachable goals, note your milestones and achievements, and show you where you can improve. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope that these seven questions will help you plan and create an eLearning membership business that will serve your customers to the fullest!

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself during this process – these things take time, and you can’t rush perfection. 

For more assistance in creating your plans for your business, check out our posts about finding your target audience, launching an online course, and a few WordPress LMS plugins for you to try out.

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