5 Compelling Membership Site Ideas

Do you want to start a membership site but don't have any ideas on what you want to do?

Well, it's never been easier! If you have a WordPress self-hosted website and a WordPress Membership Plugin like MemberPress, you can get up and running with very little time and expense.

But if you've been looking for some inspiration on what type of membership site you want to launch, we've got a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. The “Evergreen” Membership Site


This type of membership is perhaps the most common. We call it evergreen because the content is relevant for a long period of time.

Typically this type of membership site will utilize your WordPress membership plugin's “drip” feature. When you use the drip feature, users don't get access to your content at once, but rather have the information leaked out to them over a set period of time.

An evergreen site is great if you are sharing articles or information that don't require constant upkeep. You can upload and schedule all of your content well in advance and just let it roll out automatically.

The other advantage to dripping out your information is that it keeps your members coming back every day, week, or month and gives you more opportunities to sell them higher level packages or products.

2. The “Community” Membership Site


What better way to keep your members engaged than by helping them connect with each other. Protected forums and communities can breed some of the most loyal members of any of these membership site ideas.

When using a WordPress Membership Plugin like MemberPress it can be very straight forward to setup a community by using it in conjunction with a forum plugin like bbPress or BuddyPress. Both of these plugins integrate seamlessly with MemberPress.

(Learn more about our bbPress integration and BuddyPress integration.)

Community forums are a great place for your members to interact with one another, discuss your products, get their questions answered, and share other relevant information with one another. However, we don't recommend setting up a community membership site until you've gathered a substantial fan base.

3. The “Courses” Membership Site


If you have suitable material, you can use a WordPress Membership Plugin like MemberPress to lock down courses you create. MemberPress Courses is a course creation and management add-on that's included with MemberPress. It has a visual builder that makes creating and selling your courses a super simple drag-and-drop process.

Protect your course materials and the privacy of your students by creating members-only areas within your site. Share your password with those participating in your course, upload the content, and you're good to go!

By keeping all of your course materials in one place, you eliminate the need to send workbooks, videos, and important updates out individually. Pop in a community forum, too, and give your students a safe, confidential space to interact with one another.

4. The “Buffet” Membership Site


Ever heard of Lynda.com? This and other premium websites like it give users access to a whole set of content available all at once for a recurring fee.

This is similar to the evergreen model, but without the drip, and usually works best for protected, embedded video content. If you use a third party video hosting service along with your WordPress Membership Plugin, you can safe-house your valuable video content much better.

The key with this type of system is to ensure that your content stays relevant and that new material is added regularly to keep members engaged. With this type of system, we also recommend getting feedback from your members to determine how often you should be releasing new content.

5. The “Content Mill” Membership Site

Water Mill

The Content Mill membership site can be the most lucrative but most labor intensive type of membership site. Starting a content mill will require you to setup a system for delivering relevant content on a regular basis.

A good example of this type of membership site could be anything from a podcast to a full-scale periodical. Some other examples could be more time-sensitive content, such as daily stock picks or sports.

You can make it happen

Think about your domain of expertise, and see which of these ideas makes the most sense. These applications of membership software have been tried and tested, so adding your unique voice to one of them could help you turn your expertise into a solid business!

For more ideas, check out our blog post, 24 Proven Ideas For a Killer, At-Home Membership Business.

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