21 Best WordPress Plugins for 2019

When creating a new website it’s vital to have the best plugins. With them, you can make sure your website runs efficiently and has all the operability your users need and expect.

There are close to 55,000 plugins on the world's most popular website platform, WordPress. So it’s no wonder that many people have no idea where to start when it comes to picking the best plugins.

We're here to help clear the air and show you some of the best WordPress plugins for your website in 2019. The functions vary, but they all have one thing in common…

These plugins will help you make the most of your experience as you build and refine your company website and blog. Let’s dive in!

1. OptinMonster

The first plugin we're going to look at is called OptinMonster. This plugin is designed to help you build your email lead lists. It also helps to convert potential customers who leave your site with an abandoned cart as well as visitors who try to leave your pages without seeing the best you have to offer.

Out of the box, you get a host of pre-made opt-in forms, which are essentially popups that encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter or take advantage of an offer.  It’s a breeze to take the pre-made forms and use the drag and drop builder to customize them for your website. The smart technology shows the right offer to the right customer at the right time.

OptinMonster has a free and premium version and has proven to be an effective plugin for blog owners and e-commerce websites alike. If you want to build your email list and retain otherwise lost customers, OptinMonster is your solution.

2. Beaver Builder

Speaking of great drag and drop plugins, next we're going to talk about Beaver Builder. This plugin is perfect for those who want to build websites but have no idea how to do coding.

Once you integrate this plugin into your WordPress website, you’ll be able to simply click, drag, and drop cell boxes, add text, images, and more in minutes. Beaver Builder is an excellent tool for those who want to design a quick landing page or coming soon page prior to site launch. With it, you'll be able to get your page up and running and start collecting email leads right away when combined with other plugins.

You can find out more and try the Beaver Builder demo by clicking here.

3. MonsterInsights

One of the most important tools for any website owner is Google Analytics. MonsterInsights allows you to bring your analytics account right to your WordPress Dashboard in minutes.

A staggering two million people use MonsterInsights on their websites to track their day to day stats and see where they can improve. With the plugin, you can see the traffic coming to your page in the form of page views and session views, but MonsterInsights does so much more.

Using it, you can understand the demographics of people coming to your website by gender, location, age, and more. You can even take it a step further and see how people are landing on your page, whether it’s from your social media, direct search, or stumbling across your site through a search engine.

Combine all this with the ability to tweak and customize your settings, and you get an unmatched analytics experience.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email service providers out there — and for good reason! This product is designed for customers who know what they want (great email campaigns) but may not have the technical skills required by other, more expensive programs.

This plugin allows you to take email leads you've obtained and build custom, easy-to-sort lead lists. Having multiple lead lists means you can easily send the right emails to the right customers. With Constant Contact, you can also reach out to people who've made purchases or shown interest, and even “cold call” customers with ease.

Additionally, Constant Contact allows you to get your newsletters out to customers without manually sorting through thousands of email addresses.

5. MemberPress

Many business owners are opting for membership-based websites. MemberPress makes setting up a website with gated content a breeze. The setup is designed for those who want to quickly and easily create a membership site without the need for complex coding. Though the plugin includes the option to create custom CSS styles.

Once you have MemberPress installed, it's easy to add and manage payment gateways — it integrates with all the big payment companies. You can create customized tiers with exclusive content for customers, depending on their subscription.

What really sets this plugin apart is the fact that you can integrate it with virtually any existing WordPress theme, add your own exclusive password protected communities for members, and create timed coupons, all from your WordPress dashboard.

6. WPForms

WPForms is a plugin that every single website owner can use. This plugin allows you to create custom, beautiful forms across your entire WordPress website.

Regardless of whether you own a blog, an e-commerce store, or a blend of both, you’re going to absolutely need some type of form on your website. One of the most common uses for WPForms is for contact pages so customers can reach out to you if there is a problem, but this plugin is so much more than that.

WPForms comes out of the box with a intuitive drag and drop builder that allows you to create login pages, polls, order forms, payment fields, and much more in about five minutes. There is a “lite” version for those who need a quick fix and a fully featured premium version for those looking for an all-in-one form building solution.

7. WP Mail SMTP

Wp Mail SMTP solves a problem that many WordPress users might not even know they have. The issue with WordPress emails by default is that they don’t make it to the user’s inbox, so they don’t even know it exists!

The reason for this is that hosting companies use a PHP mail function to put out emails to the website owner. As a result, many big name email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo mark these emails as spam.

WP Mail SMTP fixes that issue by changing your old PHP to a trusted SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). As a result, you’ll get all of the emails from your WordPress site when something happens that requires your attention. This plugin helps you stay on top of things once your site is up and running.

Rather than use WP Mail SMTP, you can also play with WordPress SMTP settings programmatically. With a few lines of code added to your functions.php file, you can route all outgoing emails via reputable ESPs, such as SendGrid, Mailchimp, and others. Here is an awesome guide on SMTP settings from Mailtrap.

8. SeedProd

SeedProd is fondly known as the number one Coming Soon/Maintenance mode plugin on WordPress, and it’s easy to see why. This easy to use plugin is perfect for those who are starting a website but aren’t ready to launch.

It features a real-time page builder with 500,000+ WordPress themes to choose from so you can build and customize your coming soon page from the ground up. This plugin comes with a slew of features to make your landing page not just beautiful, but effective.

SeedProd comes out of the box with a contact page and the ability to grow your email list and social awareness as anticipation for your product builds when you get closer to launch. It’s the ultimate tool for those working on their next big website.

9. PrettyLinks

It’s hard to count how many links we see online every single day. Pretty Links makes it so that your links are memorable and effective. There is a free and premium version of this plugin, depending on your needs.

When you install the Pretty Links plugin you’ll be able to manage all of your links — including those oh-so-important affiliate links in minutes. All of your links will be available in one place so you can easily track, change, and share your links with the click of a button.

This is the perfect tool for the blogger, business owner, podcast creator, and virtually anyone who uses a WordPress website.

10. Yoast SEO

SEO is perhaps one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting your site to rank high in Google’s search engine. Yoast SEO not only makes SEO easy, but it helps you build a well-oiled website with no broken links with their 301 Redirect feature and the ability to redirect changed URLs automatically.

The real bread and butter of Yoast SEO comes from the ability to create and tweak your on-page SEO in minutes with their easy to understand tools. You’ll be creating meta descriptions, know if you’ve used your keyword too much, or too little per page, and have a good understanding of how your SEO works with social media.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly is not a WordPress plugin in the traditional sense, but it is a plugin that works seamlessly with WordPress. This tool is designed for those who want to ensure that everything they publish has great grammar and spelling.

When you install Grammarly you’ll start with the free version, which catches big, glaring mistakes, though there is a premium version available for people who want to make sure they are always publishing their best work.

As you type, Grammarly works right behind, looking for any spelling and grammar mistakes. Seconds after a mistake occurs the plugin will highlight the error and give you multiple solutions to the problem area. It’s an excellent tool for those who want to appear professional and reputable without hours upon hours of proofreading.

12. Sucuri

Whether a website is big or small, security is always a concern. All it takes is one smart hacker and you could find yourself in a load of trouble. Sucuri helps give you the peace of mind you deserve when running your WordPress site.

This plugin monitors your website in real time against Malware, brute force hackers, and more. There is a whole slew of other great features included with this tool. You can backup your website so that if something should happen to go wrong, you can bring your website back without rebuilding from the ground up.

They also offer solutions for people who are currently experiencing problems with hackers by identifying the problem and getting it far, far away from your valuable website.

13. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is basically ‘The’ plugin you want to use if you plan on building an online store within your website. It’s currently sitting at 4 million+ active installations, and it’s easy to see why everyone loves it.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress themes and all free and premium plugins, making it an asset for business owners who want to get their product out to the public. You can sell single products, memberships & subscriptions, recurring purchases, bulk product purchases, and much more.

Easily create your storefront, set up shipping your way, establish your payment methods, and even rope off your sales to specific locations. Creating an online store has never been this simple — until now.

14. TablePress

Building tables and charts within your WordPress site used to be a big problem. Website developers would have to use trial and error to get it just right. All that has changed with the TablePress plugin.

TablePress is easy to install and easier to use. You’ll be creating beautiful, eye-catching charts with ease. One of the best features of this plugin is you can include your tables on multiple pages, and update all instances from within the plugin. That means you’ll save time, energy, and have great looking charts across your entire website.

15. Insert Headers and Footers

Insert Headers and Footers is a plugin that does much more than the name implies. Normally when you need to add code to a header or footer you have to go into your theme code and make changes there as well. This is not the case with this plugin.

After you’ve written your snippet code you want to add, you can plug it right into your header and footers without making additional changes. The appeal of this plugin is that you can plug code in from Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and of course, your own CSS, all from one simple to use plugin.

16. Shared Counts

Shared Counts is a free plugin that makes social media integration a breeze. You can quickly add social share buttons to your entire website with a couple clicks. It’s the perfect tool for those new to WordPress, and career web designers alike.

Many people love the fact that this plugin also includes a share count button that varies based on the page you’re on. This will help build your social credibility and give you the opportunity to prove to people on your page that yes, people love this content and the social proof is right in front of them!

17. LiveChat

In this day and age, quick customer service is the key to success. LiveChat helps you deliver a quick, concise customer service experience to your clientele without all the trouble of building your own chat software.

Once you install this plugin you can set your customer service line up and people with questions or concerns about your product or brand can reach out via the smooth, easy to use interface. The best part about this plugin is you can download the application to your phone so you’re always connected to your website if someone has an issue.

You can also connect LiveChat to your current email marketing and customer helpline, making integration a breeze.

18. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an excellent plugin for those who need a “smart” form builder. What we mean by smart is that this creation tool comes with conditional logic. If someone comes to your page and starts filling out your form it will change and respond to the answers they provide.

The great features don’t stop there. It also allows the people filling out the form to upload files (if you decide to include that option when building) and makes it easy for you to check and view the files after they’re done uploading and submitting their data.

This plugin also comes with the option to make SMS forms, PayPal Forms, Woocommerce entry, and more. All in all, this is a flexible creation tool that can help business owners who want to hear from their customers.

19. WP Rocket

Website speed can make or break your website, and if the name is anything to go off of, WP Rocket brings your WordPress website to the next level. After installing this tool on your website you’ll be able to improve your overall loading speeds and performance.

WP Rocket helps web developers speed up site performance in a number of ways, starting by automatically turning on cache settings that optimize your individual pages and as well as compression where applicable.

There are other features that help people who are not quite tech savvy. Some of these additional features include lazy loading images and minification. All in all, this is the best way to speed up your WordPress site.

20. UpdraftPlus

There’s nothing like the peace of mind knowing that if something were to go wrong with your website, you’re protected. UpdraftPlus is a WordPress plugin that allows you to back your site up to their server and retrieve it if needed.

Their free version allows you to save your site, email, and more in a breeze, but their premium version is designed for those who want to make sure that if something happens, they can bring their site back up quickly. You’ll get priority support and a whole host of extra features, making this one plugin worth upgrading.

21. SEMRush

The last, but certainly not least, plugin is SEMRush. This plugin is designed with the professional marketer in mind — and it shows.

You’ll be able to research keywords, check your backlinks, see who’s talking about your brand, and that’s not all. This plugin gives you an edge because it allows you to gain valuable insight into your competition. You’ll be able to see what they are doing right, and where they can improve.

All of the features available in this plugin make it a valuable asset for the business owner who wants to kick their marketing up to the next level, all while having their tools available in one place.

Do you have any WordPress plugins you swear by? Let us know about it in the comments section!

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