8 Ways to Reward Loyal Customers on your Membership Site

Who doesn't love being rewarded for doing a great job? Whether it was a gold star in grade school, permission to go to a party as a teenager, or getting cash back on a purchase, no one can resist a good reward.

What if you took this same mentality and implemented it into your membership business? What if your membership site provided attractive incentives to help you retain active and engaged members?

But, what types of incentives should your membership site offer? Here are 8 great ways to reward your membership website customers and keep you in their good graces!

Exclusive Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal, right? Discounts are always a great way to attract people to give your membership business a try, especially if they've been watching your membership site from afar.

Discounts can come in many different forms and still be attractive:

  • A certain amount off of memberships after a certain amount of months
  • Discounts on products/services from partner companies
  • Additional service discounts

All of these discounts are great, and are even more attractive when customers understand that these discounts apply to members ONLY! This encourages current customers to stick with your membership business and make new customers want to official join your membership site!

First Dibs

Another great way to reward member loyalty is by giving your membership customers first dibs on new products or services!

For instance, if you have a new feature rolling out on your membership site, give your highest level members the opportunity to use it first! Not only will this make your customers feel special, but it can even help you see if there are any kinks or opportunities to improve the new feature before it's released to everyone!

Free Samples

Next on our list is free samples! Free samples can range from anything to food, products, ebook snippets – you name it!

This concept can be used the same way first dibs are utilized. Offer this to certain members to help them feel special and help you see how your customers respond for a win-win situation.

Referral Programs

Let's face it: referral programs are powerful and they work. Just like the abovementioned loyalty programs, this program is beneficial for both the membership business and the customer.

In exchange for different perks, such as money, additional discounts, free merchandise, or more, membership site customers refer other customers to your site.


Another excellent way to reward loyal customers is by paying attention to what companies your customers like or are drawn to, and partnering with them to offer rewards for your customers!

Say, you have a membership site history buffs and you notice that they are constantly drawn to a popular history podcast. A great way to reward your members is by reaching out to the podcast and working with them to offer free tickets to their shows, exclusive podcast episodes, or an opportunity to be on their podcast. This shows your customers that you are paying attention to them and that you want to keep them interested and invested!

Exclusive Merchandise

If we haven't said it already, people love feeling special! Offering exclusive, members-only merchandise is yet another method to implement into your customer loyalty program.

This does not have to be complicated or overly expensive! Upon joining your membership site, your members can get a free shirt, free ebook, or any other item that you know your potential members will love. Your customers will appreciate you for this and you will entice members to try you out, simply off of getting free stuff!

Personalized Messages

A good idea for your membership business is to add a bit of personalization to your rewards program. This helps your members connect with you and it makes them feel like they are truly being seen by you.

Sending a personal email greeting when your members join your site or if they reach a milestone in your business (such as membership for a year, referring five or more members, etc.) is a nice, personal way to reward your members and show that your online business truly cares.

Social Rewards

When you create an online business, you understand that social media is important to the success of your business. So why wouldn't you use social media as a way to reward customer loyalty?

Take the time to highlight highly active or successful members, snap a quick photo if you so happen to bump into a current member, tell your top members happy birthday….this also shows that you truly care for your members, recognize them, and want to see them shine!

In Conclusion….

No matter the type of membership site, customer loyalty is always going to be a huge deal for all online businesses, especially membership businesses! It's always a great idea to consider implementing some sort of rewards program into your online business. Hopefully, this post has given you some ideas on how to reward your members!

Membership site owners, how do you like to reward your members? Membership customers, how do you like to be rewarded? Let's have a conversation in the comments!

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