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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What Is MemberPress?

MemberPress is a monetization and membership plugin for WordPress. That's why we call it an “all-in-one” solution. MemberPress is a paywall, subscription, learning management system (LMS), community, and subscription plugin that makes it easy to transform your WordPress site into an online business.

What is the difference between a Membership and a Subscription?

A Membership is something you set up in MemberPress, and it gives access to some protected content you have. Membership can create a subscription, but it doesn't have to if membership is free on a one-time payment, for instance. A subscription is something that gets created on the payment gateway after someone purchases a paid membership.

How can I upgrade my MemberPress account and only pay the difference?

Upgrading is simple in MemberPress. If you decide you'd like to upgrade from the current version you are on, simply login to, and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Membership and click the Change Plan link.

That will send you to the standard MemberPress purchase page, but the prices you'll see are prorated based on what you've paid already, and how long you've had that membership. So, the sooner you upgrade, the more you'll be credited.

How can I cancel my current subscription?

For canceling your current MemberPress subscription you will need to log in to and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Membership and click the Cancel link. You will then be taken through a short survey process. Make sure you complete the process and your subscription status is updated on the Subscriptions tab. Which will stop any future charges from your account.

How do I update my credit card info?

For updating your credit card info you will need to log in to and go to the Subscriptions tab. Then go to the far right of your Membership and click the Update link. Enter your new credit card details and click Submit button. That's simple, right 🙂

Is it possible to purchase MemberPress monthly subscription?

Unfortunately not, MemberPress has a yearly-based subscription only.

Why can't I see my add-ons?

For being able to see available add-ons per your current plan you will need to add and activate your MemberPress license first. If you have upgraded you will also need to make sure that you download and install the new version of MemberPress.

Where I can find my MemberPress license?

Once you log in to your MemberPress account you should navigate to the Downloads tab and copy your license key from there.

What will happen if I don't renew my current subscription?

If you decide not to renew your current subscription you will not be able to do any future updates or use any of the addons and features that are developed in the meantime. To learn more read about What Happens When My Subscription Ends?

What MemberPress plans are available?

All the available MemberPress plans and their pricing you could see by visiting our Pricing page.

Where I can see all the changes and fixes that are made in your current and previous versions of the MemberPress plugin?

You can check our Changelog page for all changes and fixes for the current and previous versions of MemberPress.

Where I can find your Help documentation?

MemberPress help articles are updated daily since the product is constantly improving by adding new features so our help articles could be found in our Knowledge Base.

What available payment methods does MemberPress support?

MemberPress supports PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and Offline payment methods natively. There are also some third-party plugins that add additional payment methods, but these are not supported by our team.

Is it possible to change the payment method that I have purchased MemberPress with?

Yes, it is possible. For more information see our article on changing your payment method: How do I change my payment method for my MemberPress subscription?

Does MemberPress accept ACH payments?

Unfortunately, the Stripe gateway in MemberPress doesn't support ACH at the moment, sorry about that.

Does MemberPress integrate with SEPA direct debit?

Yes, for accepting SEPA direct debit you will need to have a Stripe account connected with MemberPress and enable Stripe checkout within your MemberPress dashboard. For information see Stripe checkout.

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