How to Move Your Data to MemberPress from Another Site

If you want to switch your membership site platform from your current solution to MemberPress you’ll be pleased to know that moving your data from another site to MemberPress has never been easier.

Thanks to the MemberPress Importer add-on – which is available to all MemberPress license holders – you should have no trouble migrating from either another membership site using MemberPress or a different membership platform altogether.

As long as you can get your membership data out of your current site, you shouldn’t have any trouble importing that data into your MemberPress-powered site.

As the data supported by the MemberPress Importer includes the user data, membership plans, subscription details, and more, there shouldn’t be anything left behind during the migration.

So if you want to know whether switching to MemberPress is an option for your membership site, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Introducing the MemberPress Importer

As mentioned earlier in this guide, all MemberPress license holders get access to the MemberPress Importer add-on.

Once you’ve installed this add-on on your WordPress website – along with the MemberPress plugin of course – you’ll be able to move your membership data from another site into MemberPress.

The types of data that can be imported into MemberPress include:

  • Users and user data
  • Automatically recurring subscriptions
  • One-time payment subscriptions or single transactions
  • MemberPress data (if you’re moving data from a site also using MemberPress)

The MemberPress Importer add-on accepts the CSV – or comma separated values – file format. This is a very common format that most membership platforms should allow you to export your data in.

Therefore, it’s very likely you’ll be able to migrate your membership data into your MemberPress-powered site, regardless of the platform you’re coming from.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can also move non-membership data from other WordPress websites or even other platforms into another WordPress website. This includes migrating from platforms like Blogger to WordPress or moving a hosted website to a self-hosted site, as well as many other platforms.

Now let’s quickly walk through the process to give you an idea of what a migration entails.

Set Up MemberPress

Before you start moving the data into your MemberPress site, you’ll need to ensure the destination site is ready. After installing and activating the MemberPress plugin on your WordPress website, you should configure the payment gateways you’ll be using and create your memberships.

However, in order to avoid any conflicts with the existing data being imported, don’t create any rules just yet.

Enable the MemberPress Importer Add-On

Next up, you'll need to enable the MemberPress Importer add-on. This is very straightforward as the MemberPress add-ons can be activated from inside your WordPress Dashboard. Simply click on the Activate item on the MemberPress menu in your WordPress Dashboard and then click on the Add-Ons tab.

MemberPress Importer Add-on

After clicking the Install button then the Activate button for the Importer, you’ll be able to get started.

Create the CSV Files to Import

If you’re moving from one membership site that’s using the MemberPress plugin to another site also using MemberPress, then the process of migrating the data is very straightforward.

However, you will need to generate four CSV files to extract all of the movable data from your MemberPress-powered site.

To start the export, navigate to the Members section of MemberPress inside your WordPress Dashboard. Then click on the Export all as CSV link text. This will generate a CSV file which you can download to your computer.

Export data from MemberPress

Now navigate to the Subscriptions, Transactions, and Reports pages in MemberPress to generate and download the other CSV files you’ll need.

Although not necessary, once downloaded, you can open these files in a spreadsheet application like Excel to see the data you’ve exported. Now you can begin the process of importing this data into the new MemberPress website.

If you’re moving from a different membership platform, and not one using MemberPress, you’ll need to consult the documentation for that system. To help you find these instructions, here are some links to the documentation for other popular membership platforms you might be using:

If you can’t find the relevant instructions for your membership plugin or platform, try contacting the publishers to ask for assistance in exporting your data in CSV format.

Import the Users and User Data into MemberPress

With your CSV files on hand, you can now import your users or members into your WordPress website. Importing the users file will either create new users on your website, or if those users already exist, their records will be updated with the information in your CSV file.

The users CSV file can contain many fields, including not just the required username and email fields, but also the name and address of the user, their registration date, and their WordPress user role on your site. Thus you have the ability to populate the user profiles with additional information as needed.

It’s also possible to import custom user information fields, giving you even more options. You can view the full details on how to import the users and user data on this page of the MemberPress user manual.

Import Automatically Recurring Subscriptions

After you’ve imported the users and the user data, it’s time to import your automatically recurring subscriptions. Once complete, the import process will add the data for your membership site’s recurring subscriptions from supported payment gateways, such as Stripe and PayPal, to your site. This process can’t be used to create new subscriptions or initiate charges – you’re just adding the data for existing subscriptions to your site.

The subscriptions that are imported will be associated with the memberships that you created earlier. They’ll also be associated with the users that were imported in the previous step. If the memberships and users don’t exist in your new site, then the import won’t work, so you'll have to create them first.

Importing the recurring subscriptions actually requires you to import two CSV files, one for the subscriptions, and one for the transactions. However, you can manually create the transactions if there isn’t a large number of them to recreate instead of importing them via CSV file.

As the CSV files to be imported must include a selection of mandatory columns, it’s highly recommended that you check out the tutorial videos and instructions in the relevant section of the MemberPress user manual.

Once the import has run, you should’ve migrated your users, the user data, and recurring subscriptions from your old site to your new MemberPress-powered site.

Be sure to thoroughly check and test the data in your new site before signing off on the migration.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, if you want to move data from one site using MemberPress to another site also using MemberPress, the process is very straightforward.

However, if you’re trying to move your data from a site that isn’t using MemberPress, the process could potentially be more difficult, depending on which platform you’re moving from.

Thankfully, you should only have to move your data once in order to migrate your membership site to MemberPress.

Are you ready to move your data from one membership site to another? Let us know if you have questions in the comments below.

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