Terms and Conditions for Your Online Business: What Should You Include?

When you start your online business, you have a ton of things to do, and straightening out your terms and conditions is probably not very high on your priority list.

However, despite how unimportant your terms and conditions may seem, what you do – or don't do – with your terms and conditions could negatively impact your business, if not handled correctly. With the right terms in place, your membership business can protect itself from problems that may come your way.

In this post, we will help you figure out what to include in your terms and conditions page on your online business' website.

What Products/Service Your Online Business Will Provide

The first thing you should include in your terms and conditions is what your small business will be offering its customers. Be sure to be detailed and list everything that you have to offer. Plan to add new products and services to your membership site or online store in the future? That's okay! You can always add to the page!

Refund Policy

Refunds are extremely important in your small business, so you must take time to figure out and write down your refund policy, so your customers never have to question what your terms are.

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Cancellation Policy

Just like refunds, clearly explaining your cancellation policy is important. Be sure to include details on who to contact, how to contact them, and the time frame your customers have to contact them.

Guarantees or Warranties

Want to offer a money-back guarantee or a 30-day warranty on a product or online course? Mention those things in your terms and conditions page too! Clearly explaining your guarantees and warranties will keep your customers informed and aware of their options as buyers or subscribers and protect your business from false refunds.

Pricing & Payment Schedule

Although it seems that pricing should be obvious, especially if it's on your pricing page, you can never be too careful. If you have a membership business, always include the price of your membership and how often your customer will be charged for that membership. Also, include whether or not the charge will be automatic.

Limitation of Liability

If you have a membership business that contains a forum or a website with user-generated content, then you should include a section that does not hold your business accountable for what other individuals post and that you do not support or endorse the opinions of people that use your website.

Now Get to Work!

Every website owner needs a terms and conditions page. It helps to outline what users can expect from your business and what your business expects from users on your website.

We hope that these tips will help you to create a solid terms and conditions page for your website!

Have you created your terms and conditions page for your website? What did you include? Let's discuss in the comments!

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